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Top 10 actors who could play Negan in ‘The Walking Dead’ season 6

Are you ready for some heads to get smashed in?

The Walking Dead season 5 finale revealed some new villains, but will the great Negan show up in season 6? We take a look at the 10 best actors who could play Negan incredibly if cast as the villainous leader.

The villain from hell, Negan, was first introduced in the 100th issue of The Walking Dead as the leader of the Saviors, and is seen as one the baddest villains in the show’s entire comic canon. Now, the big question becomes: Who will play Negan?

He uses his incredible authority, along with a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat, and resources to dominate other local communities of survivors. He does work with nearby communities though, including Alexandria, where our favorite TV characters currently reside. Negan expects tributes in exchange for protection against walkers.

He’s got a bit of a temper, and is always ready to crack some skulls with his deadly weapon of choice. So, we take a look at 10 of the best actors to play Negan, the villain who will most likely be behind most of the most brutal carnage in The Walking Dead season 6.

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After you’ve gone through our list of the 10 best actors to cast as Negan in The Walking Dead season 6, feel free to check out a few more details about each actor, and why they’d be great as the shows deadliest villain.

Update: The Walking Dead casts Jeffrey Dean Morgan, their biggest, baddest villain – Negan

Also, be sure to vote for who you think will be cast as Negan in The Walking Dead season 6, and whether we’ve included them in our list. If he shows up in season 6, it’s going to be one bloody mess, and we hope one of the actors we’ve picked gets the deadly role.

walking dead season 6 who will play negan wide

Who will play Negan in ‘The Walking Dead’ season 6?

Actor: Kevin Durand
Where you’ve seen him: The Strain, Robin Hood, Legion, X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Kevin Durand has Negan’s look for sure, with his massive build and epic voice. He’d strike fear into the hearts of any of our favorite characters in Walking Dead season 6 as Negan. He’d be a great choice, and he’s recently done an excellent job on the TV show The Strain.

Actor: Patrick Warburton
Where you’ve seen him: Rules of Engagement, Movie 43, Ted, Men in Black 2

Don’t let Patrick’s smile fool you; he’s anything but a pushover. This actor has tons of experience on television, and he’s built like a tank. He’s square-jawed and could pull off Negan easily. He may normally play the “nice guy,” but we have no doubt he could smash a few faces with the flip of a switch.

Actor: Ron Perlman
Where you’ve seen him: Sons of Anarchy, Pacific Rim, Hellboy

If there was ever a damn near perfect fit for Negan, it’d have to be Ron Perlman. The actor’s voice would be killer in The Walking Dead, and his size and presence is always felt on the big screen, and recently the small screen. He’s an excellent actor, who’s been doing some TV work, and could slide right in as Negan.

Actor: Henry Rollins
Where you’ve seen him: Hawaii Five-O, The Legend of Korra, Sons of Anarchy, Bad Boys 2

Henry Rollins is a total badass, coming from his band Black Flags, and later coming to television and film. He’s known as being an incredibly talented musician, but has also had some great roles in the movie business. He has Negan’s look, that’s for sure, the tattoos certainly can’t hurt, and he’ll scare anyone he yells at — guaranteed.

Actor: Bobby Cannavale
Where you’ve seen him: Chef, Nurse Jackie, Lovelace, Boardwalk Empire

Bobby Cannavale is an excellent actor, and proved that with his incredible work on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. He’s a strong actor, and not entirely well-known, so he’d be a good surprise for fans looking for somewhat of a fresh face for Negan. He’d be an excellent choice, and will actually be in Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man adaptation.

Actor: Jon Hamm
Where you’ve seen him: Parks and Recreation, Mad Men, The Town

Jon Hamm may be one of the best choices on our list. His show, Mad Men, is airing its last season soon, and the actor will be looking for his next TV job. His chiseled jaw matches Negan’s, and he’s proved that he’s just as lethal with words as he could be with a baseball bat. Hamm would be one of the best choices, and despite being so well-known for his work in Mad Men, we hope that AMC takes a look at this incredible actor.

Actor: Bruce Campbell
Where you’ve seen him: Burn Notice, The Evil Dead I & II, Xena: Warrior Princess

Bruce Campbell probably has the longest list of roles on IMDb, and while he hasn’t had a huge hit in a while, he could do an excellent job as Negan. His previous roles in The Evil Dead would give him a leg up on the other possible actors, and he has a massive fanbase which would follow him to The Walking Dead if he became the show’s main villain.

Actor: Michael Madsen
Where you’ve seen him:Thelma & Louise, Donnie Brasco, Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs,

Michael Madsen could be a surprise hit as Negan. He’s an excellent actor, who has been in loads of Quentin Tarantino movies, and his raspy voice and commanding presence would put him right on point as Negan slays nearby groups of survivors. He’s a little older now, but he’s staying busy, and could make for a great villain season 6.

Actor: Vinnie Jones
Where you’ve seen him: Gone in Sixty Seconds, Snatch, Swordfish, Lock, Stock and Two smoking Barrels

Who better to play Negan than Vinnie Jones, the guy who you know would kick your ass if you said the wrong thing to him. The English actor is constantly brilliant when he shows up in films, and he’s put out some incredible performances, especially in his English films. He’s scary looking, and massive. Plus, he probably knows how to smash someone’s head with a cricket bat, so all he’d have to do is learn how to swing a baseball bat.

Actor: Idris Elba
Where you’ve seen him: The Wire, American Gangster, 28 Weeks Later, Thor, Prometheus, Pacific Rim

Possibly our dream pick for Negan. Yes, Idris Elba isn’t white, but he would honestly be the baddest villain to ever see the small screen if given the chance on The Walking Dead as Negan. He’s highly talented, he has the physicality to play the character with ease, and we know they love casting English actors in the show. Elba has movie roles coming for the next few years, but we’d have our own skulls crushed in just to see him as Negan in The Walking Dead season 6.

Negan established the Saviors, and ruled over his loyal men with an iron (barbed wire) fist during the outbreak. He, along with his team of misfits (which includes up to 50 men or more), had originally made a deal with the Hilltop Colony, which is near Alexandria, so we’re bound to see Rick and Co. running into them in season 6.

He promised to keep the walkers at bay if other camps would give them half of their supplies, but if they didn’t do as he said, he wasn’t exactly the calmest villain in The Walking Dead comic.

It’ll be exciting to see if and when Negan shows up in The Walking Dead season 6, and we can’t wait to find out which actor will be playing the comic’s greatest villain.

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