4:30 pm EST, February 12, 2015

Who do you want the ‘Eye Candy’ killer to be?

We are exactly halfway through season 1 of Eye Candy and it’s time to start picking sides. Who do you want the Eye Candy killer to be?

Tension has been building for five weeks now and as each episode airs suspicions change. One character looks more guilty than another, then the next thing you know, you’re certain it’s someone else.

But this week we’re not asking you who you think the killer is. We would rather know who you’d like the killer to be.

See, here’s the thing. Whoever the Eye Candy killer turns out to be, it’s going to have wide reaching consequences. So if you’ve become attached to a certain relationship or pairing, idea or plot point, this could blow some pretty deep holes in those preferences.

For instance, maybe you can’t stomach the idea of Lindy losing her best friend or another person close to her, so you would prefer the killer to be Connor.

Maybe you’re tired of seeing Lindy lose people close to her and you you hope the Eye Candy killer is someone we haven’t met yet.

Or perhaps you feel the exact opposite of that and you would like to see ultimate betrayal unfold. Hoping the killer is someone like Sophia or Tommy.

You could also be really into the conspiracy theory idea and think it would be interesting to have several people in on it together.

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Again, we just want your opinion. Who are you ready to pin all of this on? Who do you want to see as the secret mastermind behind this whole ordeal? What do you think would make the most interesting story choice?

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After voting in the poll, make sure to leave an explanation for your choice in the comments below!

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