5:00 pm EDT, November 28, 2012

What if Aaron Sorkin wrote Pixar sequels?

Aaron Sorkin has continued to rack up fans and followers since the premiere of A Few Good Men and whether you know him from the Newsroom, The Social Network or The West Wing, there’s no denying that the man has a very recognizable style of writing. That’s why we just had to wonder: What would it look like if Aaron Sorkin were hired to pen Pixar sequels?

Aaron Sorkin has been recognized as one of the snappier, snippier, and all around better modern screenwriters available. Some projects might seem like a bad idea at first (remember the groaning when “That Facebook Movie” was announced?), but nothing gives credibility to a project quite like Sorkin’s screenwriting cred.

This morning, reports started appearing concerning Pixar’s upcoming Monsters University, and we couldn’t help but wonder what our favorite Newsroom scribe could accomplish if he were hired to write a Pixar sequel or two. Or three.

First comes Aaron Sorkin’s Monsters Internship. It only makes sense that before the Monsters can secure a coveted position at Monsters Inc., they’ve got to put in their hours as interns. If Aaron Sorkin were to write up the experience, it might be safe to say that the Monsters Inc. building would be comprised of longer, windier hallways.

Actual screenwriting done by James Bean and Chase Hinton





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