3:15 pm EDT, March 18, 2013

What did you think of the ‘Girls’ season finale? Tell us here!

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Season 2 of Girls ended last night on a (semi) happy note. If you watched the season finale, share your thoughts and reactions here!

The season finale of Girls, called “Together” finally brought us some of the peace and resolution we’ve been waiting for. What did you think of it?

Season 2 has been an emotional tailspin, with each character falling off the deep end in their own ways. Hannah’s anxiety over writing a book had caused her to struggle with OCD. Marnie, desperate to get her life together after breaking up with Charlie, grasped at her dreams of becoming a singer and dating a high-profile artist. Shoshanna and Ray seemed stable, until Ray questioned his worth as a 30-something-year-old coffee shop manager, and Shosh wonders what it’s like to not be tied down. Jessa’s visit to her father’s house causes her run away yet again, and Adam is… Adam, in all his brooding, twisted Adam-ness.

The season finale of Girls lent us a little relief, at least. Though Hannah’s still got it pretty bad, her run-in with Laird (her downstairs neighbor that sold her coke from the “Bad Friend” episode) provided some fresh perspective. While trying to fix her botched haircut, he calls her “self-involved” and “rotten” on the inside. Do you think Hannah needed the tough love?

Ray attempts to impress Shoshanna by getting a new position at Grumpy’s, but his efforts are futile and the two end up splitting anyways. In the very last scene, we see Shosh making out with a tall, handsome blond at the bar. Do you think Ray and Shoshanna will ever actually make it? Do you think Shoshanna made the right choice and should just be young and careless while she can?

After a season of back-and-forth tension, Marnie and Charlie are back at it again and as adorable as ever. They both confess their love for each other and seem happy enough. Will it actually work out for them? Did they both change enough during their time apart?

After a desperate attempt to call Jessa, Hannah is on the verge of a full meltdown when she uses FaceTime to call Adam. Adam, seeing Hannah in her depressed, hopeless state, runs (literally) to her apartment, shirtless, and sweeps her off her feet (again, literally). The couple have come full circle since season 1’s finale, where Hannah ends up stranded at the end of the subway line. It’s the old Adam we know and love, but is he just looking to save Hannah? Or is there still obviously something between them?

What did you think of the Girls season finale? What’s next for Girls? Share what you’re thinking in the comments section below! 


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