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8 questions for ‘Westworld’ season 3 making us question our reality

With so many questions to answer, Westworld season 3 can’t come soon enough! Here are our eight biggest questions for the next chapter.

Who’s actually dead?

westworld's season 2 finale maeve

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After a season filled with cradles, bulletproof mind chips, AI reincarnations, the Valley Beyond, and utopian “doors,” who even knows what death means on Westworld, for both hosts and humans alike. We saw piles of bodies in the season 2 finale, but who of these casualties will actually stay dead?

On top of “who,” we also need to find out “how.” How can hosts ever truly die? What does death mean for humans if their mind can be uploaded into a new body? These questions are crucial to answer if the stakes of Westworld are ever going to feel real.

Who does Dolores have in her bag?

westworld's season 2 finale dolores

We know at least a few hosts definitely are not dead, and that Dolores has escaped to the outside world with their minds in tow! Who could this be?

We’re guessing we can rule out anyone who escaped through the door, but we can’t be too confident about anything. If that is the case, could Maeve, Hector and Armistice have made the cut? Did Ford have yet another copy of himself hidden for future use? Is there any way Dolores and Teddy could be reunited?!

Who is in Charlotte Hale’s body?

Dolores escaped Westworld using Charlotte Hale’s appearance, but when we see her at the end of season 2, she’s looking like the ole farmer’s daughter again. However, Charlotte Hale’s body is still lurking in the background, inhabited by someone else!

We’re assuming this will be one of the hosts that Dolores held in her purse, but who? She was able to recreate Bernard’s body, but will that not be the case for everyone? Could we be seeing our favorite hosts in completely different forms in Westworld season 3?

Who/what/where/when/why is the Man in Black?

westworld man in black

We spent most of Westworld season 2 wondering if the Man in Black is a host and in the end…well, we still don’t really know. William’s season 2 storyline ended with a flashforward to an undetermined amount of years later. He’s clearly been running fidelity simulations for a while, but we have no idea why, or for how long. We don’t even know if we were seeing the real William in season 2, or a simulation of him. The final episode of season 2 definitely gave us more questions than answers.

Will Westworld reopen?

To most viewers’ disbelief, a comment was made at the end of Westworld season 2 about salvaging the hosts for use in the park! Could they seriously be considering continuing with the park, given the fact that the hosts just rebelled and went on a murder-spree? Is Delos that good at keeping things quiet that the public could have no idea about this scandal? Would the people in the world at this time just not care?

Are the hosts that went through the door happy?

akecheta, westworld season 2, kiksuya

Sure, we were led to believe that the world behind the “door” held a utopia for the hosts, but will they really be happy for? As Dolores realized, it’s just another imagined reality for them. Perhaps an even bigger question would be if we’re ever going to see these hosts again? If they’re truly in a utopia, their story might not be the most interesting, but we just want to know if they’re happy!

What did Dolores see in the Valley Beyond?

westworld's season 2 finale dolores bernard

Dolores presumably saw something in the Valley Beyond that had her ready to give up on humanity entirely. We know humans do deplorable things in the park, but is there something more than that? Could her information help take down humanity in the outside world? Will we get to see her using the information to her advantage, or will we always just have to imagine what she learned?

What’s happening in the real world?

Now that Dolores, Bernard, and a few other hosts have escaped into the outside world, we might get a better idea of what this futuristic world actually looks like, and what kind of people inhabit it. In a world that can create fully functioning, sentient humans, what else is possible? Are the people just like us, or have events caused them to change?

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