This Werner Herzog-inspired parody trailer for Ant-Man will make you cry with laughter. Or maybe just cry.

Ant-Man: Marvel’s latest, fun summer superhero blockbuster movie about a guy who turns ant-sized.

Werner Herzog: a notoriously grim German filmmaker who brought the world important, depressing (and sometimes oddly entertaining) documentaries like Grizzly Man, Into the Abyss and The White Diamond.

It was a mashup which was never meant to happen, and yet the end result is absolutely hysterical.

YouTuber Patrick (H) Willems, who also brought us Wes Anderson’s X-Men, has created a parody trailer for an Ant-Man directed by Werner Herzog:

The voice-over guy does an uncanny impression of Herzog’s own accented, wispy voice, setting the tone with gloomy images of an industrialized, over-populated earth.

Then comes Ant-Man himself, a gloomy fellow who shrinks to the size of an ant and is then unable to turn back to his regular size.

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“He can lift things 100 sizes his body weight. But what does this achieve,” the voice-over wonders, “but to increase his burden, his capacity for suffering?”

“Scott Lang is a man who lives the realization of what we all know, deep down as homo sapiens… that we are small.” Well, that’s one way to approach the story!

We love how the shift in tone totally changes the story. When you think about it, aren’t we all just ants struggling to lift the world of our leaders? Let’s all have a collective breakdown now (or maybe just go to see the real Ant-Man, which is a lot more fun).

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