Lizzie Bennet Diaries spin-off Welcome to Sanditon premiered its first episode yesterday – but that’s not all. Catch up on everything Sanditon with our handy guide.

The premiere episode of Welcome to Sanditon was released yesterday, however if you were paying attention you may have noticed that episode 1 wasn’t the only Sanditon-related thing to hit the internet. So you may be wondering – what in the world is going on in Sanditon?

New ‘Welcome to Sanditon’ characters:

The premiere episode of Welcome to Sanditon saw the introduction of three brand new characters. We hinted at these introductions last week when we published the twitter accounts of several possible Sanditon characters.

Tom Parker:

welcome to sanditon casting tom parkerThis was Mayor Tom Parker’s first appearance. He seems set on reestablishing Sanditon as a health and fitness destination, regardless of the desires of the rest of the town’s population.

Social media: Twitter
Played by: Joel Bryant

Clara Breton:

welcome to sanditon casting clara bretonClara Breton is the owner of of the Sanditon Scoops ice cream shop, which can be found on Twitter and Facebook. She seems opposed to the Mayor’s plans – we can see some drama on the horizon.

Social media: Twitter
Played by: Lenne Klingaman

Edward Denham:

welcome to sanditon casting edward denhamEdward Denham is assistant to the mayor, and runs the @SanditonCA twitter account. Prior to his appearance on episode 1, we saw him answering questions on the Sanditon Reddit – and we still haven’t heard him speak.

Social media: Twitter
Played by: Kyle Walters

Other characters:

If you have been keeping an eye on the list of Official Characters over at @SanditonSeries, you may have noticed a few more characters who we have not yet been introduced to onscreen.

During the Lizzie Bennet Diaries DVD and mini-series Kickstarter, fans could buy the opportunity to be an official Sanditon character. Meet the two backers who did:
Robyn Worth: (@WorthRobyn), Head Librarian at the Sanditon library.
Sarah Richard-Preston: (@Sassyfaff), a visiting Australian writer, who has uploaded her first Domino video.

In addition to Clara’s Sanditon Scoops, there are some other official Sanditon businesses:
Sanditon House B&B: (@SanditonHouse, Facebook), The B&B where Gigi is staying.
SanditonCinematheque: (@SanditonCinema, Facebook), A Sanditon cinema.

And keep an eye on @MaryPofSanditon, as this is another account which will surely come into play at a later date.

‘Welcome to Sanditon’ transmedia updates:

New characters aren’t all that we got yesterday. In conjuction with Theatrics, Pemberley Digital launched the Domino Beta Portal, where fans can upload videos as their Sanditon persona. That’s right – you can use the Domino application. Think of it as a mini Sanditon social network – you can create a profile, add photos, follow your friends, and more. While videos are not required, here is the template to achieve the Domino interface if you do choose to upload a video.

If you don’t want to participate as a character in the Welcome to Sanditon universe, never fear. The creators of the show have made it very clear that you will be able to enjoy and understand the story without participating in the roleplaying element.

At the same time, the team reinforces that as fun as the roleplaying element is, it won’t necessarily impact the story itself. In a Google Hangout Q&A, Transmedia Producer Alexandra Edwards says, “Don’t think you’re going to crowdsource how our webseries ends.” That being said, Showrunner Jay Bushman adds “We will absolutely reference things that are going on in the wider community when we can.”

If you are having trouble with the Domino application, you can contact @DominoSupport or submit a report to Theatrics. There is also a Welcome to Sanditon wiki to help you keep track of the story updates, and the Welcome to Sanditon homepage which will act as an archive for the entire story.

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