Warner Brothers’ CinemaCon presentation featured new looks at Wonder Woman and The LEGO Batman Movie amongst a few other exciting previews.

At the beginning of the event, WB head Kevin Tsujihara spoke about the state of the industry and promised that a “wide variety” of films were in the pipeline from his studio. This particular comment was probably made in light of recent reports that said they’re going to focus more on tentpoles.

But the tenpoles, predictably, were big aspects of WB’s presentation. The studio also made news: A standalone Batman movie is happening with Ben Affleck directing. There was no release date announced, but the film will likely open in theaters October 2018 or November 2019, which WB recently planted flags in for upcoming DC projects.

wonder woman movie gal gadot

A lengthy featurette looked at WB’s entire DC slate and what lay ahead. With promises of DC’s films just getting “bigger and bigger and better and better,” the oversized trailer offered a good 30 seconds of footage from next year’s Wonder Woman, scattered in with footage from Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice. This is the first time any footage from the film has been shared, and it didn’t disappoint. Wonder Woman rides a horse in one scene, and kicks ass in several other shots. Chris Pine also appears once or twice. The fact that it’s a period piece adds to the anticipation surrounding this project. Gal Gadot describes the movie as a “coming of age” tale. It’s about her “entire history” and Wonder Woman’s mission in life. Seeing purely Wonder Woman on the screen for the entire movie is going to be a very nice experience. After all, we’ve yet to see a superhero movie in theaters during the modern era of comic book movies with a female in the leading role.

We also saw a video message from the set of Justice League, which is now filming. Director Zack Snyder was joined by Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, and Jason Momoa. Yep, Henry Cavill was in it, basically confirming Superman ain’t dead. They all seemed really happy to be there. Good for them!

The cast of Suicide Squad was present at the presentation in Vegas, including Jared Leto, Will Smith (who was particularly hyped up), and Margot Robbie. “Imagine spending a couple hours with the coolest kids of the school,” said David Ayer of his movie. New footage reminded us why we’re so excited for the film to open this August.

Following presentations giving us looks at upcoming movies like The Nice Guys (starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling and quite a few laughs), Me Before You (Emilia Clark and Sam Claflin and a hell of a lot of chemistry), and War Dogs (Miles Teller and Jonah Hill), WB also previewed their animated slate, including LEGO Batman.

lego batman movie

We saw a new scene from The LEGO Batman Movie in which we learn Robin’s origins. In this version of Batman, Robin (then named Jack, a Batman superfan) was adopted by Batman unintentionally, and he gets his costume from the Dark Knight’s suits that he’s collected over the years. Robin’s suit is from someone called Reggae Man (and it looks exactly like the Robin suit we know). The scene got a lot of laughs from the audience, proving that this movie will probably live up to the high bar set by the original LEGO Movie. The Batman spinoff will try to answer, “Can Batman be happy?” It seems like Robin may play a big role in Batman finding that happiness. It’s looking like a father/son movie, if you will.

Speaking of animated WB projects, we learned tonight that their upcoming Scooby Doo movie is titled S.C.O.O.B., and a featurette revealed that WB is hoping Scooby will help launch a bunch of Hanna-Barbera stories.

Fantastic Beasts was also a big part of WB’s CinemaCon panel — learn more here.

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