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‘Wayward Pines’ episode 4 recap: Telling the truth is a revolutionary act

Wayward Pines episode 4, “One of Our Senior Realtors Has Decided to Retire,” aired tonight. Read our recap and discuss the episode with fellow fans.

Playing along

The Burke family drives back to their house. Ethan rinses the blood off Ben’s hands and says wolves took Pope’s body.

Wayward Pines season 1, episode 4 recap Theresa, Ethan in truck

Back in the car, Theresa tries to work through what happened. Ethan tells her about the town and why he was sent in the first place. Ethan and Theresa decide to play along to survive.

Meanwhile, Ben gets a package from a bike messenger — he’s expected to attend Wayward Pines Academy the next day.

New hire

The next day, Ethan visits the sheriff’s department, using Pope’s keys to get into gun storage. Arlene brings a cake in then, saying Ethan’s the new sheriff. Ethan has a photo op with the mayor, and discovers the party line is that Pope retired. No one knows who appointed Ethan, and Ethan is discouraged from asking questions.

The mayor tells Ethan his new position affords him power, and the two shake hands.

Wayward Pines season 1, episode 4 recap Wayward Pines Academy

Meanwhile, Theresa and Ben head to Wayward Pines Academy, where they’re met by Megan Fisher. She welcomes Ben with high fives, and she says the school is arts-oriented. Eventually Theresa must watch Ben be taken inside.

Citizen’s arrest

Sheriff’s department: Ethan discovers a hidden door in the floor. In it, he finds a box containing files about the townspeople and their former lives. He brings Arlene’s file out out to her, but their conversation is interrupted by a group bringing in Peter McCall, realtor, because he sprayed “subversive graffiti.” Pam demands a reckoning. Ethan refuses, and Pam threatens to do it herself.

At the school, Megan interviews Ben, asking questions about where he lives (Seattle), where home is (Seattle), and why he can’t go home (the Secret Service assigned Ethan). She suggests Ben can’t trust his father.

Wayward Pines season 1 episode 4 recap Ben, Mrs. Fischer

A revolutionary act

Downtown, Theresa sees Peter’s graffiti: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” She then sees and follows Kate into the toy store.

Kate winds up a music box, and as it plays, Theresa reveals she was once in training to become an agent, but she stopped because the job comes first. She wanted family to come first, but Ethan didn’t make that choice. Kate apologizes and says a lot has changed. “Maybe for you,” Theresa replies. “For you, too. You just don’t know it yet,” Kate says. When the music stops playing, Theresa leaves.

When school lets out, a girl comes up to Ben and introduces herself as Amy. She offers to walk him home, and as they walk, Amy flirts and Ben asks about the wall. Theresa interrupts and takes Ben home.

A lifetime ago

At the sheriff’s department, Ethan and Peter speak. Peter tears up at pictures from his old life but says it was a long time ago. He reveals his limp is from trying to climb out; now, though, he knows the only way out is death. When the phone rings, Ethan’s told to call a reckoning.

Wayward Pines season 1, episode 4 recap Peter McCall

Burke house: Ethan and Theresa speak in the bathroom with the water running. Ethan fills Theresa in, and she connects the mayor and Ben’s teacher — they’re married. Before Wayward Pines, Megan was a hypnotherapist. Ethan, meanwhile, feels like he can get something out of the mayor.

The next morning, Theresa and Megan agree to have dinner that night.

Meanwhile, Peter tells Ethan about how he came to Wayward Pines: In 2001, he was in L.A. and hooked up with a girl. They went up to his room, and he blacked out. He woke up in a different hotel room with the same girl, but she was older and her name was Pam.

Dinner conversation

At the academy, Megan interviews Ben again, and when he says he doesn’t know where he lives, she is thrilled. He can start classes with the other students the next day, and she will be the teacher. She then brings him a guitar.

Wayward Pines season 1, episode 4 recap Ben, Mrs. Fischer, guitar

That night, Theresa and Ethan meet the mayor and Megan for dinner. The Fishers congratulate Ethan on his new position. Theresa excuses herself to the bathroom, and Megan escorts her. The mayor tells him the town focuses on shaping the minds of the children. As he warns Ethan to be careful, the ladies return.

Meanwhile, Amy and Ben meet up and head into the woods. Ben asks about the fence, and Amy kisses him.

At the restaurant, Ethan mentions the reckonings. Megan says they don’t make the laws, they just follow them.

Wayward Pines season 1, episode 4 recap Ethan, mayor

Pam then makes a public toast to the new sheriff. Pam’s toast encourages Ethan to punish Peter, but Ethan interrupts. He says he’ll bring the wrongs of the town to light and punish the true criminals.

One way out

After dinner, Ethan and Theresa split up. Ethan plans to hide Peter, but Peter wants Ethan to take him to the fence.

At the house, Theresa finds a letter saying she’s been chosen to replace Peter.

Wayward Pines season 1, episode 4 recap letter

At the fence, Peter wonders whether they’re being kept in or if something is being kept out. He says his past has caught up with him. “There’s only one way out,” he says, pointing to a cliff overlooking the wall. Peter tells Ethan to earn their trust. Ethan refuses, and Peter says that is why the town needs him. He then pushes off Ethan into the electrified fence and dies.

Ethan returns home and tells Theresa to keep playing along while he goes to get help.

At the sheriff’s department, Pam finds Ethan arming himself. She wasn’t fooled by Peter’s death. Ethan walks out, and Pam sits down behind the sheriff’s desk.

Ethan climbs up the rock face Peter had indicated, and when he makes it to the top, a figure watches him through the trees.

Wayward Pines season 1, episode 4 recap Monster

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