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You need to see Trish Walker from ‘Jessica Jones’ sing ‘I Want Your Cray Cray’

Trish Walker’s backstory as a teen celebrity was explored in a bit more depth this season on Jessica Jones, and Netflix has just released a music video for Trish’s big hit song.

This season of Jessica Jones gave us all a better look into the backstories of the show’s characters, but it also gave us a closer look into the life of Trish Walker in her pop star days. One of the best things to come from that backstory is the invention of Trish’s big hit, “I Want Your Cray Cray.”

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And while the show could have chosen to simply introduce the earworm and leave it at that, they did not. Instead, they provided us with a music video, Pop Up Video style, to really get us feeling Trish’s pop star vibes.

The song is…well, it’s not great. There are approximately four words that are repeated over and over again, and Trish’s dance moves in the video aren’t much beyond her making sexy faces into the camera. The video pokes fun at this by adding a pop-up note about “moves” she improvised like posing with her arms crossed and rotating her hips.

Of course, this music video’s style, choreography, and the song lyrics were very intentionally chosen. As the show’s creator Melissa Rosenberg told IndieWire, the song was meant to poke fun at the Disney pop star factory style of music where the beat is a recycled one and the lyrics are nothing beyond one or two repeated phrases.

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They definitely nailed that in this music video, and it’s a fun little addition to the Jessica Jones universe. The only downside really is that the simple lyrics have a real bad habit of getting stuck in your head. Still, we love that a show that can be incredibly heavy wasn’t afraid to get a bit silly.

What do you think of this earworm of a single from the ‘Jessica Jones’ universe?

Source: IndieWire

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