Warner Bros. has released a Blu-ray trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, which now has a release date set for December 4. Check out which bonus features will be included in the Blu-ray set.

Dark Knight Rises “On December 4th, comes the Blu-ray event of the year,” claims the new Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray trailer that Warner Bros. has just released in anticipation of the film’s Blu-ray/DVD release date on December 4. The trailer shows us some great clips from the film and also what to look forward to from the Blu-ray combo when it hits stores early December.

Included in the Blu-ray combo pack is the film’s theatrical cut on Blu-ray, DVD, and an UltraViolet copy. It also includes “3 hours of explosive bonus features,” which will be behind-the-scenes footage – plus you’ll be able to “jump into the driver seat” of all the Batmobiles with a documentary that we reported on prior to the film’s release.

After The Dark Knight Rises made over $1 billion worldwide, fans may be curious why an extended cut of the film wouldn’t be included on the disc and the reason is simple: director Chris Nolan doesn’t believe in including an extended cut. Now a household name, Nolan has never been the kind that releases “director’s cuts” of his films – insisting that the film seen in theaters is exactly what he intended fans to experience. He continues to be an advocate of using “real film,” as apposed to digital film, and also shot 70 minutes of The Dark Knight Rises on 70mm IMAX film. A pioneer in the IMAX industry, he continues to impress with his sweeping landscape shots and unique style.

Fans can also get more exclusive footage by downloading the free Dark Knight Rises app and syncing it to your Blu-ray player to download more exclusive content. We’re very excited about having director Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film on DVD and Blu-ray and look forward to the behind-the-scenes footage when it hits stores on December 4.

Also, check out the images of what all will be included in The Dark Knight Rises box set, which will coincide with the Blu-ray release date.

Make sure to pre-order The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray combo disc for $24.99 or check out the direct download which will be available at midnight on December 3 for $14.99.

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