3:00 pm EDT, August 17, 2016

‘Warm Bodies’ sequel ‘The Burning World’ cover released

The next book in the Warm Bodies series, The Burning World, has unveiled its cover.

The Warm Bodies sequel is set to be released February 7 2017, and today author Isaac Marion unveiled the Burning World cover over on Bookish. Take a look:


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Speaking to Bookish, Marion explained the meaning behind the cover.

“R and Julie aren’t alone anymore; they have each other, they have their friends, but they’re all living in a tiny corner of a mostly unknown world, and they’re realizing how much is going on around them that they don’t understand,” he said.

“A lot of this story is about them stepping out from safety—the safety of home, the safety of a blank past—and facing the reality of who they are and what they have to do.”

As for the variety of colors, Marion explains that they represent R’s new views on the world. “He’s reentering the Living world, and it’s a bright and noisy place, beautiful but terrifying. He has Julie for a guide, but she has struggles of her own.”

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After The Burning World, one more book in the Warm Bodies series, titled The Living, is planned for release.

Marion explained last year how his Warm Bodies sequel expanded into two books. When he went to edit the original sequel, only titled The Living, he found that “this wasn’t the single mammoth tome I thought I’d written. In structure, rhythm, and theme, it was actually two books.”

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