Bob Duvet, of the podcast What Duvet Says, published an audio interview with Chelsea Hobbs (who plays Emily Kmetko on ABC Family’s Make It or Break It).  Chelsea answered questions including whether she wants to return to play Emily, her goals as an actress, and the question on everyone’s mind – will there be a season 3?

Bob Duvet asked whether Chelsea is okay with the idea of possibly not returning to play Emily Kmetko.  Chelsea’s response?

You know, I love the show and I love Emily, and I think that given the situation whatever they feel like they need to do to make the show wonderful and make the show work is what they’re going to have to do.  I would love to continue to play Emily, I think that she’s a great character and she was in a really interesting place, and I would have loved to see where she would go and I’m not exactly sure what’s going to happen, it’s sort of in the producer’s hands.  Either way, I’m open.  I’m also an actress and I love to play different roles and I have a long career planned, so I hope that, you know, after this I’ll be able to do things that really inspire me as well.

And what about her goals as an actress; does she want to do more film or television?

I’ve always been in love with film, it’s the reason I got into this industry in the first place.  But, you know,  that being said, there’s so much amazing TV now, that a lot of the time you know HBO, Showtime, all these networks have better television than movies have, I mean a lot of the writing and production is better than a lot of movies out right now.  So, I think it would just depend on the project and what made me feel passionate.  There’s just so much amazing stuff out there right now.  So, I’m pretty much open to either right now, at this point.

And finally, the question that all of the Make It or Break It fans have been dying to have answered… will there be a season 3?

What I’ve heard is the show’s on the bubble, which means the network’s deciding whether they’re going to pick it up or not.  So I think they’ve extended the time, they were supposed to let everybody know by June 1, so it sounds like they’re extending for a few weeks, and I think they want to see how their new shows are doing, and to be honest, it’s completely on that, I think.  If their new shows are doing awesome, then maybe the future for Make It or Break It won’t look so bright, um, but you know, the Teen Choice stuff has really really helped and if we win one of those awards, then I think they’re gonna have a really hard time cancelling the show because it really speaks volumes about the viewership and the fans and how people feel about the show.  So, you know, everybody should go out there and vote, definitely.  It’ll really really help.

We want to encourage all of the fans to head over to the Teen Choice Awards website and vote today and every day.  Let’s keep Make It or Break It on the air for another season!

For the full podcast including Chelsea’s interview, click here (interview with Chelsea starts at about 19 minutes).

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