We heard rumors last week of a major character from Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead comics being introduced to the AMC series this season, and it looks like those rumors were true. Spoilers ahead!

Last week we reported that The Wire actor Chad Coleman was rumored to be joining the cast of The Walking Dead as comic book fan-favorite Tyreese, and it now looks like that rumor has been confirmed. According to Screen Rant, Coleman was seen filming on the Woodbury set in Senoia, Georgia.

After Kirkman’s shady response to the question of whether or not Tyreese would be added to the show, it would appear that his “I don’t know!” pleads in fact meant yes. Yes, Tyreese is set to meet up with Rick and the rest of the crew.

Since Coleman has been seen in Woodbury though, we wonder when Rick will meet his new (old?) buddy from the comics. We’re also not yet sure how he’s going to play into the story, with his character apparently starting in Woodbury this time around.

He has to end up with Rick’s group though. He’s such an important, reliable person to Rick in the comics. We hope to see their strong friendship in the show as well.

In the comics, Tyreese meets an unfortunate end at the Governor’s hand, but that is after he became such a vital member to Rick’s crew. We hope that he sticks around for a little while, and even though we haven’t seen him in the first two seasons, we’re cheering for Tyreese to make it out of season 3 alive.

Maybe he will be someone who helps Maggie and Glenn escape, and they take him back to the prison.

On the romance front, Tyreese develops relationships with both Carol and Michonne (not without some drama), and we wonder if that aspect will be added to AMC series. Honestly, we’re kind of hoping for a Daryl/Michonne connection.

How do you think Tyreese will fit in with Rick’s group?

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