Spoiler Alert! We recently discovered some hints at what to expect from Sunday’s all–new episode of The Walking Dead, “Say the Word.” The Governor is playing games and showing us his darker side.

Fans of Robert Kirkma’s original comic version of The Walking Dead know the true depth of the Governor’s wickedness. The Governor in the AMC series has shown himself to be a little ruthless, but we haven’t really seen anything too evil. You know, aside from his tanks full of human and walker heads.

In the comics, though, the Governor is bloodthirsty; he only cares about his well-being, and he doesn’t care who suffers along the way. In fact, he seems to relish in it.

We’ll get a glimpse of that on Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Say the Word.” The next installment of the show will apparently show us the Governor’s famous arena fights. If you have read the comics, you know that those are organized matches set up as entertainment, during which two people fight to the death.

The Governor and the arena

As an added danger, the fighters perform in an arena that has walkers chained to the perimeter, ready to grab a live human if they get too close.

E! Online reports that “the entertainment at a party the Governor throws is kind of awesome, kind of horrifying, and Andrea is so not a fan. Let’s just say it’s a fight scene and he puts a ring on it.” They also add, “There is an (organized) fight scene that is unlike any other you have seen on television.”

Could this “entertainment” be the arena fights like the Governor stages in the comics? If so, is Michonne going to be forced to compete? In a sneak peek for Sunday’s episode, the Governor wants Michonne to join his “research team.” Could that be code for “arena fights”?

In the comics, Michonne gets pushed into an arena fight, and as soon as she gets her hand on her katana, she beheads the guy she’s fighting against, even though she wasn’t supposed to kill him. In the sneak peek clip, the Governor also refers to Michonne’s “little outburst,” and we wonder what he could mean by that.

One more thing – what could it mean that the Governor “puts a ring on it” in reference to the Governor’s “entertainment”? Maybe they’re referring to the shackles he’s putting on someone in the fight. It also seems like Andrea is going to start losing faith in Woodbury’s leader after this episode.

One thing seems to be certain – we’ll be seeing some arena fights in “Say the Word.”

Will Michonne be one of the participants?

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