10:00 am EST, November 14, 2012

‘Walking Dead’ spoilers 3×06 ‘Hounded’: Find out who is calling, more

Rick has gone a little loopy on The Walking Dead. In next week’s episode, “Hounded,” we hope to see him start to come back down, but will he get back into the old Rick Grimes frame of mind? We’re not so sure. Spoilers ahead!

According to Wetpaint (who sourced their information from Spoil the Dead), we’re going to find out who Rick was talking to on the phone. Of course we know that this has to be a hallucination, but Rick thinks it’s real. Apparently he receives three phone calls from three different people.

The first call comes from Amy (Andrea’s dead sister), the second comes from Jim (a survivor they left near Atlanta after he was bitten), and the third, naturally, comes from Lori. According to our sources, Lori “tells Rick that she loves him and that he needs to move on.”

Now, if you are familiar with the comics, you know that Rick picks up a phone he hears ringing once he and Carl are on the run after the prison was invaded by the Governor. Lori and baby Judith had been killed, and so when Rick starts talking to a mystery woman on the phone, he thinks he’s found another group of survivors he can join.

Rick Walking Dead Comic

Later on he realizes that he’s actually speaking to Lori, and that the phone was never connected. He realizes his hallucination, but he still uses her as an escape from reality – a way to connect with his dead wife. In the comics he connects with Michonne on this topic because she is often seen talking to her dead boyfriend.

We wonder if Rick will get a call from Shane – now that would be an interesting conversation to hear.

We know that these fake telephone conversations make Rick seem even more crazy, but it’s a way for him to cope with his horrible reality. Does this really make him crazy?

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