Next week’s episode of The Walking Dead kicks off the slow progression of contact between the prison and Woodbury, and each Walking Dead sneak peek gives us a hint of what to expect.

At the end of Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Hounded,” Michonne shows up outside the prison fence, hoping to be let in. She’s been shot by Merle and she’s struggling to stay upright as she fights off walkers.

Rick seems baffled to see her as she joins a small group of walkers at the fence, and he is unsure of how to handle this new person. When her bloody wound starts attracting walkers, she has to move quickly but awkwardly to keep them away from her.

Carl finally sees what’s going on and asks his dad if they’re going to let her in. We assume that they will, but Rick is always cautious when it comes to new people. Take a look at this Walking Dead sneak peek to see for yourself.

Will Michonne be admitted into the prison?

In the second Walking Dead sneak peek, which originally aired on Talking Dead, we get a glimpse of Glenn under Merle’s supervision in Woodbury.

He doesn’t look good.

Glenn has been severely beaten (presumably by Merle), and his face is completely swollen, bloody, and bruised. However, he seems pretty confident that Rick and the prison group will be over to get him soon.

We’re nervous for when that happens because even though there are some strong folks in Rick’s crew, Woodbury is heavily armed and well defended.

We also fear for what is happening to Maggie while Merle is harassing Glenn.

Will Glenn make it out of Woodbury alive?

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