10:00 am EDT, November 13, 2012

‘Walking Dead’ sneak peek 3×06 ‘Hounded’: Andrea gets closer to the Governor

Andrea has gotten fairly cozy in Woodbury, and in this Walking Dead sneak peek, we see just how cozy she is getting with the Governor. Beware of spoilers!

Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead showed us the breakup of one of our favorite duos – Andrea and Michonne. While Andrea was finding a place to fit in within the walls of Woodbury, Michonne still felt like an outcast. She was also incredibly wary of the Governor and how he kept everything running.

Michonne and Andrea had been planning to leave together and strike it back out on the road again alone, but when the time came for them to actually go, Andrea hung back. Michonne left without looking back, and Andrea was now stuck in Woodbury.

She’s looking pretty comfortable though.

The Governor has taken an interest in Andrea ever since Merle brought her to his idyllic little town with Michonne. While Michonne was always cautious, Andrea jumped right in and got pretty chummy with the Governor pretty quickly.

In this new Walking Dead sneak peek, we see the Governor and Andrea in a private tryst, which turns into something romantic. Now there has been some romantic tension between the Governor and Andrea since they met – and quite a bit of flirting – but neither one of them has acted on it.

Until now.

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Check out this Walking Dead sneak peek (which premiered on Talking Dead Sunday night), as Andrea and the Governor share a drink, and then share something a little stronger.

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