The Walking Dead season 6’s second episode was packed with exciting looks at this season’s new villains, after the premiere ended with a horn turning the horde of walkers toward Alexandria. We’ve put together 10 facts to learn more about the Wolves, who look to be the main villains in The Walking Dead season 6.

We saw the carved W’s on the heads of walkers in Walking Dead season 5, and there was speculation that it could be the Wolves from the comics. Then it was strongly hinted at when Morgan met a couple guys he took down with his Jedi stick (who he then ran into again in season 6, episode 2).

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Now that the Wolves have brutally attacked Alexandria in episode 2, the villains that our Walking Dead heroes will be up against have been confirmed. We’ve put together a list of some facts about the villains from The Walking Dead comics, and who the main villain could end up being despite what seemed to be a failed (first) attack.

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We can’t possibly know what the showrunners will do with the Wolves’ storyline, so it’s possible our theories aren’t entirely correct. The Wolves could be a combination of groups from the comics that will be used throughout The Walking Dead season 6.

We’ve included some more information about The Walking Dead season 6’s human villains, the Wolves, below:

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Fact: The Wolves are most likely The Scavengers.
What it means: They headed to Alexandria after they hear the shot from Rick and saw a lot of the group leave.

The Wolves are most likely The Scavengers from The Walking Dead comic book. They are just as they’re named: scavengers who hear the shot Rick puts into the head of Peter and head toward Alexandria to scavenge what they can when most of the group leave. They saw what seemed to be a weak time for the group, but they didn’t know the deadly ninja Carol was still home.

Fact: The Wolves take everything you have.
What it means: They messed with the wrong lady this time.

The biggest hint to this is that we see one of the Wolves’ members try to steal all of Morgan’s gear at the beginning of season 5’s finale. He says he wants every drop from his cup, and he’ll be taking Morgan too, until Morgan whoops his and his buddy’s ass. We see this guy again and Morgan appears to kill him this time, but we don’t yet know.

Fact: The Wolves hear the shot Rick fires and go to Alexandria.
What it means: When they arrive, they’re able to attack a weakened Alexandria.

The Wolves jump the gates of Alexandria and start killing everyone they see. They didn’t seem to care about anyone at all, and only wanted to steal what was in Alexandria.

Fact: A horde of walkers heads to Alexandria due to the Wolves’ truck horn.
What it means: The walkers quickly become a major problem again.

In the comics after the Wolves are shot in front of the gates, a horde of walkers comes toward Alexandria, causing mayhem, but in the show we see that it’s the truck’s horn that the Wolves used. The walker horde will most likely continue toward Alexandria, and it looks like it may cause everyone to leave the town.

Fact: Negan should appear, and is seen as the baddest villain ever.
What it means: We’ll most likely see some of our favorite characters get smashed with a baseball bat.

Once this takes place, this is most likely where the villain Negan will be included into the villain group and he…does some damage to one of the main characters (he takes a liking to a barbwire-wrapped baseball bat). He may not show up soon, or we may get a glimpse of him in the next few episodes. He might have even been the person who sent out the attack on Alexandria.

Fact: The Scavengers are actually a small part in the comic.
What it means: This means they’ll most likely be combined with The Saviors.

The Scavengers don’t play a huge part in the comics, so most likely they’re going to be grouped together in the show with The Saviors, which is Negan’s group. This will most likely be how the show turns the Wolves into a larger part of the show, by combining them with Negan and The Saviors.

Fact: The Saviors like to use walkers as weapons.
What it means: Some of our beloved group members might get bitten.

Another reason why we think The Saviors will be combined with the Wolves is because they like to use walkers as weapons, similar to the governor. And we’ve seen all the walkers with the “W” carved into their heads, including all the Wolves themselves, so this group that’s after Alexandria is going to continue to cause trouble.

Fact: The “W” marks the Wolves’ territory.
What it means: We’re going to see many more people and walkers with “W” carved into their foreheads.

The reason they mark “W” on the heads of walkers is to mark their territory, because there ends up being multiple places somewhat like Alexandria, where people are surviving fairly well, and even doing some trading between each other. If the group ends up having to leave Alexandria, this may be how they run into these fragmented groups of people.

Fact: The Wolves will be well-organized.
What it means: They’ll use walkers to protect themselves and their homebase.

We’ve seen truck trailers filled to the brim with walkers, which is The Saviors’ style, and they used music to bring them back into the trailers. They also chain walkers to fences inside and outside of the gates to protect themselves. They’re well-organized, despite not being a large group, and we should see their base at some point. It won’t exactly look like Alexandria’s friendly gates.

Fact: Negan will be the main villain, despite not being a member of the Wolves.
What it means: There will be blood.

Negan, the group’s leader, will most likely be the main villain in The Walking Dead season 6, and he enjoys smashing people’s heads in with a baseball bat. He tells his group members to soak their weapons in walker guts and blood, so that if any part of their weapons hit someone, they’ll turn. He’s often seen as the most brutal villain in the entire comic.

Do you think the Wolves will be the major villains in The Walking Dead season 6? Are they a combination of The Scavengers and Negan’s Saviors and will they be the end of Alexandria as we know it?

Let us know what you think about ‘The Walking Dead’ season 6’s new villains.

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