AMC has released our best look at yet at The Walking Dead season 4B which begins February 9.

In the nearly four minute long preview, numerous cast members including Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Danai Gurira (Michonne) discuss what’s ahead for their characters. In between interviews we see many new clips of the individual survivors on the road and on their own.

“We’ve had the sanctity and the security of the prison for a season and a half, and we’re on the road again,” says Lincoln. “People have been spun into orbit. Every one has been separated, and it’s a terrifying world that we inhabit again. We’re weakened because we’re split from each other.”

He adds that the second half of the season feels like a whole other season entirely. “The back eight feels like a whole new season. We’re moving into a whole new psychological horror.” After looking at the footage seen in the preview, we have to agree.

Adds executive producer Greg Nicotero, “What’s great about the second half is there’s really personal moments between our characters. As they begin to cross paths, whether they actually connect or don’t connect, we realize that the world is spreading and the world is getting larger.”

Gurira speaks about how her character will deal with the loss of Hershel. “Being right next to Hershel when that happened, it’s really a question of what does this damage to Michonne. How is she going to process that loss. it’s very tricky for her to find peace considering ll the destruction that’s happened.”

A Walking Dead trailer – which pales in comparison to this new sneak peek, in our opinion – was released earlier this week.

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