Last night’s The Walking Dead ended with a big twist, and now showrunner Scott Gimple is talking about the new developments.

In The Walking Dead season 4, episode 5 title “Internment,” the last few seconds depicted The Governor returning to the prison and observing it from the edge of the woods. We’ll have to wait until next week to see what he’s up to, but a trailer for the episode showed that he has a big presence in the storyline.

Gimple spoke today about what we can expect from The Governor when we start spending more time with him next Sunday. “We will be really getting into who this guy is, to further define this guy,” he explains to EW. “He did something very pronounced at the end of the season that defines him a certain way that affected him a great deal. That’s changed him a great deal. So we will see who this man is now. There will absolutely be a flashback element to filling in some of those blanks. More so, I would say, than we did with rejoining the prison.”

The showrunner adds that in the episodes ahead we’ll explore what’s left for The Governor after losing Woodbury. “We know what he did. He killed those people. We know that Rick welcomed, basically, the remaining people in. That town did very much make up that man’s identity. And his purpose. And everything he was fighting for. And asking the question, what’s left after that? — we’re gonna see. We’re gonna answer that question. We’re gonna show that.”

Check out our Walking Dead recap to relive the events of last night’s episode during which the infection caused new havoc and Rick came clean about Carol.

Episode 6 airs this Sunday, November 17 at 9 p.m. eastern on AMC.

What are your Governor predictions, with this new intel in mind?

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