An international trailer for The Walking Dead season 4 finale airing this Sunday includes exciting new looks at what’s coming in episode 16.

The trailer for “A,” which aired last night in the United States after the penultimate episode, was short on any clues about what to expect, but international viewers were treated to something a little more fruitful.

In this 30-second preview we see a lot going on. Most notably, Rick, Carl, and Michonne arrive at Terminus and are greeted by meat cook Mary. The peace doesn’t last long because we also see a few quick clips depicting a shootout involving the three characters on our side. There’s also a shot of Joe telling someone (maybe Daryl?) that they screwed up. “Today’s the day of reckoning,” Joe says.

There’s also a shot of Michonne holding Carl. Uh oh.

As you can see below, the American trailer keeps the secrets much closer to the vest. The entire video is covered with audio of someone on a loud speaker saying things like, “Terminus. Sanctuary for all.” There’s a clip of Carl running and close up shots of Rick’s face. Not much to speculate over.

The Walking Dead is pretty good at sending the show off for the season, so we’re expecting a big surprise or two. As we wrote this morning, it’s safe to assume that an important character will die. The question is, who?

Season 4, episode 16, “A,” airs Sunday, March 30 at 9 p.m. eastern/pacific on AMC. While you wait, be sure to check out our recap of last night’s episode.

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