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‘Walking Dead’ season 4, episode 6 brings changed Governor – see a clip!

The Walking Dead season 4, episode 6 airing tonight on AMC will feature the Governor, as teased at the very end of last Sunday’s show.

Update: Read our recap of tonight’s episode here!

It isn’t the Governor we remember, however. Previews and interviews for The Walking Dead season 4, episode 6 show that the character has changed in the months that he’s been out in the woods. Explains showrunner Scott Gimple, “He did something very pronounced at the end of the season that defines him a certain way that affected him a great deal. That’s changed him a great deal. So we will see who this man is now. There will absolutely be a flashback element to filling in some of those blanks.”

One of those flashbacks can be seen in a preview clip. In it we see the Governor hours after his confrontation with Rick. The villain looks to be in a bad state of mind and appears to be suicidal because he doesn’t react when a zombie is approaching him at a campsite. One of his partners has to shoot the walker.

A trailer for The Walking Dead season 4, episode 6 also shows some Governor flashbacks. We see Michonne plotting another attempt to find him, and Hershel warning her to “be careful” because “he’s a sick man.”

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The synopsis for “Live Bait” reads, “a familiar face returns as each member of the group struggles to find his or her humanity in a world of constant threats.” Tonight’s episode of Talking Dead will include a cast member joining host Chris Hardwick.

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Reports have indicated that the Governor will only be back for a couple of episodes this season, so either we’re approaching an imminent death for the character or he will be making another escape so Rick and company have to deal with him later. He’ll have to die at some point, and we hope and think it should be soon.

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Watch ‘Walking Dead’ online

You can watch The Walking Dead online by using your cable credentials to view episodes on AMC.com on Monday. New episodes are not available through digital retailers like iTunes. A livestream of The Walking Dead, to let you watch the show with east coast viewers, is not available.

“Live Bait” airs Sunday, November 17 at 9 p.m. eastern/pacific on AMC.

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