In tonight’s The Walking Dead season 4, two groups went out on supply runs and numerous characters used their time outside the prison to reveal more about themselves.

Our The Walking Dead recap breaks down what occurred in season 4, episode 4 “Indifference.”

– A dark opening. Lizzie is talking to Carol, who for some reason doesn’t mind the fact that people turning into zombies changes them for the worst. “It’s how it is,” the young girl says. Meanwhile, Rick observes Carol killing a sick human who’s become infected. Carol has obviously become very dark, and she reassures Lizzie that they all change in different ways.

– Rick and Carol go on a mission. The two are heading out for medicine, and the latter explains that she’s killed who she’s had to because they’ve been a threat to the others. Once inside a house they want to take medicine from, they grab supplies and (naturally) come across a zombie that falls down the stairs towards them. Also upstairs we’re greeted by a man and a woman, who’s wounds are patched up by Carol. They seem like an unassuming, friendly couple who Rick decides to take in at the prison after feeling uncertain and warning them that many at their makeshift home are currently sick.

In another big talk, Carol talks point blank about her two killings. She says that it had to be done and it needs to be accepted. She also lectures Rick for using farming as an escape too often when he needs to be taking action. In yet another talk, Carol mentions her deceased abusive husband and her daughter Sophia. Rick says he can still hear Lori in his head pre-apocalypse when she’d ask him to pick up Carl from school. Following a trail of apples the girl they had just met was picking up, they see that she has been eaten by zombies. They weren’t kidding about their own inexperience! Rick and Carol wait for the guy to show up, but he never comes and it’s at Carol’s suggestion that they leave.

The next day, Rick tells Carol that the two people she killed may’ve lived but they didn’t get the chance to survive. He says that he’s afraid she’ll kill others too, and he decides that Carol can’t come back to the prison. She gives him a watch given to her by her husband for their first anniversary.

– Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bobby are on a mission too. The four come across a building covered in shrubbery. While tearing down the plants, zombies start poking their heads out from the other side. Tyreese seems suicidal and pulls one of the zombies towards him, which Michonne scolds him for later. Meanwhile, Daryl asks Bobby about his backstory. He says he’s been in two different groups and was hesitant to take Daryl’s offer when he found him.

After rounding up all of their medicine, they encounter a few zombies. They make their way up stairs because it’s the only way to escape, and once on the second floor’s rooftop Bobby trips and almost lets his bag fly off the edge. He pulls it out of the zombies’ hands after the others tell him to just let it go, and when bringing it back up a bottle of alcohol comes out. They see that Bobby didn’t take any medicine and only grabbed liquor for himself. (Sidenote: We had seen Bobby consider grabbing alcohol on a previous supply run, but he resisted). This pisses off Daryl who tells him he regrets taking him in when he did before season 4 started. He tells Bobby that if he ever sees him drinking, he’ll “beat his ass into the ground.”

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We were shocked to see Carol leave as instructed by Rick, but we completely understand why he made the decision. We hope to see her again soon, however, because we love who she had become. It was a friendly threat – and a departure that actually brought Rick to tears.

See a preview of next week’s episode below airing Sunday, November 10 at 9 p.m. eastern/pacific on AMC:

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