Another incredible episode of The Walking Dead aired last night, and we finally found out who was calling Rick. Plus, what happened between Andrea and the Governor? Our Walking Dead recap covers it all.

One of the main focuses of tonight’s episode was Rick’s phone conversations – but who was calling?

The first call comes from a woman, who tells him she is in a safe place far away. Rick pleads to let his group come to them, telling her, “We’re dying here.”

After this first call, Rick finally joins the rest of the group, but says he’s just “checking in on Carl” even though he barely glances at his son. At least Rick looks like he’s cleaned himself up.

The second call comes from a man, who appears to act as Rick’s conscience, asking him how many people he has killed. The man also asks how Rick lost his wife, and Rick seems sane enough to respond by asking how the caller knew he lost his wife. Even though the caller says it’s because he mentioned kids but no wife, Rick doesn’t elaborate on losing Lori.

Rick Grimes

Eventually Hershel comes to check in on Rick and offers him comfort. He lets Rick know how thankful he is that Rick saved his life, and Hershel also tells him that Lori was sorry. Hershel picks up the phone and listens, but we don’t know if he hears a dial tone or not.

We’re guessing not, and Hershel just sees this as a part of the grieving process for Rick.

The third call Rick receives comes from another woman. She asks him how his wife died and tells him that he needs to talk about it, but she calls him by his name, which he never gave. He asks her how she knows his name, and the line goes dead.

The fourth and final call comes from another woman, who we quickly learn is Lori. She enlightens Rick that the previous calls were from Amy, Jim, and Jackie, respectively (which we heard rumors of earlier this week). Rick realizes that the calls were all in his head.

He cries to Lori on the phone, telling her that he loved her, loves her, and that he couldn’t put it back together. Our hearts break for Rick as he mourns the loss of his wife and the future they would never have. This call acts as absolution for Rick’s inattentiveness to Lori toward the end, and she tells him to look after Carl and the baby.

After the call starts breaking up, Rick finally hangs up the phone. He returns to his son and new baby girl, and we see him truly care for her for the first time. It’s a very sweet moment for the Grimes family. Rick appears to have overcome his crazy side.

Merle Dixon

Merle is sent on a mission to take out Michonne with three other guys from Woodbury, and they stumble upon a clever “bitergram” from Michonne that says, “Go back.” Ignoring the message, Merle pushes on, and Michonne kills two of his men.

Michonne doesn’t get off too easily though since Merle shoots her in the leg, but she is able to run away. Merle and “Neil” (actually Garguilo) fight about whether or not to follow her. Merle kills Garguilo for disagreeing and heads back to Woodbury to tell the Governor that Michonne is dead.

Though Michonne is injured and seems to be easy prey for walkers, they walk right past her since she is covered in zombie guts. While wandering to a nearby town, Michonne sees Glenn and Maggie as they make a supply run.

Glenn on The Walking Dead

She watches them closely as they grab formula and food from the store, but Merle sneaks up on them before Michonne can follow them. He ends up taking Maggie hostage and forces Glenn to drive them all to Woodbury. Michonne watches them leave, but she also grabs the basket of baby formula.

Over in Woodbury, Andrea is making some bad choices when she defies the general protocol of lookouts on the wall, and when she gives into feelings she has for the Governor. He seduces her, telling her that he admires her fight, and she ends up sleeping with him. After Shane, Andrea continues to have terrible taste in men. Maybe she really is a good fit for Woodbury.

Merle interrupts the lovebirds, and the Governor is disappointed that Merle didn’t bring Michonne’s head or sword to him. Merle promises to find their new prisoners’ camp.

Daryl continues to prove himself as the show’s heartthrob, with his connection to Carl over their mother’s deaths. Talking Dead’s “Fresh Buzz” reports that Daryl acts as an older brother to Carl, and they connect because Daryl is a childlike adult and Carl is an adult-like child. That description fits their relationship perfectly.

Daryl Dixon

While spending some alone time deep in the prison, Daryl watches as someone keeps banging on a door, and he assumes it’s a walker. When he opens the door and is ready to strike, he finds Carol – huzzah! We knew she wasn’t dead. Daryl carries her back to the others.

Everything ends on such a happy note at the prison (aside from Glenn and Maggie missing). We know it won’t last, especially since Michonne shows up at the prison fence, carrying the basket from Glenn and Maggie’s supply run.

We don’t think Rick will give Michonne much trouble, but she has some bad news for them.

We’re just so excited that she has finally joined up with our main group.

Next week is going to be a rough one, and we fear what awaits Maggie and Glenn at the Governor’s hand.

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