We’ve known she’ll play a prime role in season 3 of The Walking Dead, and now a foreign television channel has released a new preview showing off Michonne’s skills.

The teaser shows Michonne, played by Danai Gurira, wielding her katana against a zombie with no one else around. Watch the brief piece below:

We were introduced to Michonne and her armless prisoners at the end of season 2 when she encounters Andrea. Andrea had been running from zombies through the night, and Michonne may be her only hope for survival.

The Waking Dead series kicks off its third season Sunday, October 14 on AMC. The network recently launched a collection of great character portraits and interviews with the cast, who really hype up the action in the upcoming episodes.

Another new and highly anticipated character fans are looking forward to seeing is The Governor, who is in control of the prison. The survivors we’ve come to know happen upon the prison at the very end of season 2. Comic and series creator Robert Kirkman recently gave fans a tour of the prison set while it was being constructed. “You have no idea what’s coming,” he said, “But I promise you it’s absolutely thrilling, absolutely amazing, and anyone who’s familiar with the comic series knows that the things that start happening once Rick and his group go to the prison are the things that make The Walking Dead what it is.”

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