Voltron‘s fourth season is fast approaching, and the first trailer for the upcoming season has been released.

We may have gotten a teaser for what to expect during Voltron‘s fourth outing, but now we have a full, official trailer for the season.

Shiro features heavily in the voice over, seemingly stepping back into his leadership role, if the dialogue is to be believed. (And don’t think that we didn’t notice it was almost exclusively paired with footage of the Black Lion).

Whether that step back into leadership will continue to cause some friction between himself and Keith, who took over as the Black Lion’s Paladin in season 3, remains to be seen.

If that’s even really Shiro.

You can check out the trailer for yourself below.

Whilst Lance seems excited to engage in a little razzle-dazzle for the Voltron effort, friends and allies are being encouraged to come together to push back against the Galra. All in all, Team Voltron seems to be in the best shape that it’s ever been…

However, Lotor posed a dangerous threat to the team throughout the third season, with uncertain motivations, so it’ll be interesting to see how that has developed during the time that Voltron has been off our screens.

We know that they’ll be clashing, once again, but will Lotor be serving the wider Galra purpose? His ideals were somewhat at odds with the Empire — and with the truth about Haggar and Zarkon revealed at the close of season 3, will the war ultimately be split three ways?

We’ll just have to wait and see, when Voltron returns to Netflix. Keep an eye out for all of our coverage during New York Comic Con, in preparation for the new season!

‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ season 4 arrives on Netflix, October 13

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