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‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ season 2: 5 important reveals

Voltron‘s second season was jam-packed with narrative delights, but these five have lasting consequences beyond the finale.

If you’re still reeling from the closing moments of Voltron‘s sophomore season, you’re certainly not alone. But Shiro’s mysterious disappearance and Lotor’s summoning were just two of several compelling moments that have us excited for Voltron‘s future.

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Here are five important reveals that Voltron season 2 delivered over its 13-episode run. Sound off in the comments with other fans to let us know your favorite.

Warning: There will be major spoilers for ‘Voltron’ season 2 ahead

Keith is part-Galran

One of the more popular theories heading into Voltron‘s sophomore season was rather quickly confirmed, when it was revealed that Keith was part-Galran. Not only did this explain the many instances in which Keith had been able to interact with Galran technology in the first season, as well as his reaction to Quintessence, but also his ownership of a Galran blade.

During Keith’s trials at the Blade of Marmora (more on them in just a tick), we discovered that Keith’s father was terran — suggesting his mother, who did not appear in Keith’s dream, is Galran. This revelation of Keith’s parentage led to some friction in his relationship with Allura and, in turn, showcased a vulnerable side to the often hot-headed pilot of the Red Lion.

Of course, now that the secret is out, it is only a matter of time before we discover the identity of Keith’s mother — and her position within the Galra Empire. As well as other potential members of Keith’s blood family. We have some theories to dig into in an upcoming article, but have no doubt that this is only the fledgling beginnings of this particular character arc.

Haggar is Altean

Speaking of secret heritage, in a showdown with Allura in the finale episode, it was divulged that Haggar is not Galran, as many of us likely assumed. Instead, we discovered that she is Altean.

This adds another rich and complicated layer to Voltron‘s narrative, especially when it comes to Allura’s vehement dislike of the Galra. With Galran allies coming to the Paladins’ aid, as well as one of their own being discovered to be of Galran descent, having Allura reconcile with the idea that not all Altean’s are wholly-good will certainly be interesting to see play out.

For now, it opens up several questions about Haggar’s involvement with Zarkon and the Galran Empire. Most notably, what turned Haggar to Zarkon’s side and against their own people. With both Alfor and Zarkon having been heavily involved in regard to Voltron, is there a darker side to Altean history than we’ve discovered thus far? And, in turn, what does that mean for Allura’s newly discovered powers?

The Blade of Marmora

Though we could assume from Voltron‘s first season that some Galrans weren’t exactly comfortable with the Empire’s rapid invasion of the universe, season 2 confirmed that there was far more order to that resistance than we first suspected.

The Blade of Marmora, a covert group of Galran defectors, were revealed to have had their hand in more than just Voltron’s escape from Zarkon’s clutches during the first season. They also, via Ulaz, orchestrated Shiro’s rescue from the clutches of the Druids, and his return to Earth.

Having unprecedented insight into the Galran Empire through their alliance will likely prove indispensable for the Paladins, especially following the hard-won victory they achieved together in season 2’s finale. But could they also open the line of communication to other Galran rebel cells, and a reunion with a certain family member of Pidge?

Matt Holt is still alive

Which brings us to this brief, but undoubtedly important, revelation. Matt Holt — older brother of Pidge — is alive. Or, we’re assuming that to be the case, after Pidge discovered potentially recent footage of him in the company of… another Galran rebel group?

When we spoke to Bex Taylor-Klaus at New York Comic Con in 2016, referencing the narrative potential of a reunion between the siblings, it opened the door to an incredibly rich emotional arc for Pidge. Could that reunion happen sooner than we might expect, with a wealth of Galran resources at their fingertips?

Zarkon isn’t the ‘big bad’

And now for the twist we weren’t expecting: Zarkon’s defeat in the season 2 finale.

The confrontation that resulted in that victory for Team Voltron also led to the disappearance of Shiro, which reinforced that not every win would be a resounding one. But, for now, Zarkon is out of commission — but the Galran Empire had held the universe in an iron-clad grip for over 10,000 years. His removal as a figurehead will certainly prove a complex issue for those loyal to his rule.

But, as it happens, Zarkon has an heir — and he has been summoned. We imagine, as Lotor will be replacing Zarkon in Voltron‘s third season, and possibly beyond, that he’ll prove a far more competent opponent that his original incarnation.

Zarkon was blinded by his single-minded obsession with ousting Shiro as the Black Lion’s pilot and seizing control of Voltron, which, whilst not making him less formidable as an adversary, certainly provided more opportunity for the Paladins to gain the upper hand. With Lotor, it is less certain he’ll have as many hang-ups as Zarkon, leaving him clear headed for the continuing war ahead.

Which reveal did you enjoy most from ‘Voltron’ season 2?

Stay tuned to Hypable for our upcoming article speculating about the direction Voltron season 3 could take. Not enough? You can also read our review of the first three episodes of Voltron season 2, and our interview with Jeremy Shada and Bex Taylor-Klaus.

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