Still haven’t had your fill of Voltron content from SDCC? You’re in luck. Bex Taylor-Klaus and Tyler Labine joined the press to talk about their characters’ shifting roles in season 3.

We’ve already had a wealth of information drop during the Voltron panel, a teaser for the third season, more food goo than we can physically stomach, as well as an interview with executive producers Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos.

Now, Bex Taylor-Klaus and Tyler Labine are offering their thoughts on what’s next for Hunk and Pidge. And if you weren’t already impatient for Voltron‘s return to Netflix, you soon will be.

Family is everything

We’ve spoken at length, previously, with Bex Taylor-Klaus about Pidge’s search for their family. But, since that interview, some new developments have occurred. Namely that Pidge has come across footage that definitively confirms Matt is out there, somewhere in the universe.

“Pidge is obviously continuing the search for her family, which she will do until either she dies or she finds them. Simple as that,” Taylor-Klaus said of Pidge’s steadfast determination to find both her brother and father. “She has a bigger lead, and a visual on her brother, and that’s definitely going to help propel her in a new direction.”

But to what lengths could that new direction see Pidge go? The subject was broached with Taylor-Klaus over whether Pidge might do things we wouldn’t initially expect, in the name of getting her family back. “I think that there is definitely a possibility that we will see Pidge doing things that aren’t exactly out of character, but make you go, ‘Wow,’” she told us.

Tyler Labine interjected, saying, “You definitely become aware of how far Pidge is being pushed, and how far she’s willing to go this season.”

Though, with Shiro gone, and Lotor stepping swiftly into Zarkon’s shoes, how much can we expect that search to get put on the back-burner — especially with the need for a new pilot for the Black Lion being a pressing concern?

“I like to think that she considers Shiro a part of her family. I mean, she grew up hearing stories about him, as she says in the first episode. And she grew up knowing of him, and knowing how much her family respected and adored him,” Taylor-Klaus said. “Now that she’s had a chance to interact with him, for two whole seasons, she’s gained the same emotional connection to him. So, I think, even though Keith may not see it the same way, she’s not giving up on Shiro. And she would love to find him too, but her family is still first. It’s blood.”

Leadership and beyond

Hunk is, undoubtedly, the most gifted when it comes to culinary skills. But fans are hungry — pardon the pun — for more development of his character outside of that. Tyler Labine had a double-edged answer for whether that development was coming during the next drop of episodes.

“Well, you know, I would love to lie to you,” he teased, which drew a couple of laughs, before sobering up. “There’s just not that much room in this season to develop for Hunk. There’s seven episodes.”

Which isn’t to say that Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos aren’t aware, and actively moving in a direction to develop Hunk, but it won’t happen in the seven episodes hitting Netflix in August.

“That’s not to say there’s nothing,” Labine added. “I know, because we’ve been recording future episodes, that there are things coming, I think I teased that on Twitter, and it’s true. It’s just that we’re going to take a while to get there. And like I said, this a huge ordeal, Shiro’s gone. It’s going to take a long time to sort out.”

Taylor-Klaus also had a little insight of her own as to why Hunk might not be getting the development we were hoping for in season 3. “I like to think that Hunk is kind of, in some ways, farther in his maturity than the other Paladins are, not including Shiro,” she said. “So, yes, there’s obviously development for every single character, without a doubt. But it feels, to me, it makes sense to have Hunk kind of hold back because he seems like such a solid dude already.”

Of course, losing Shiro poses something of a challenge to Hunk, when it comes to holding together Team Voltron. From Keith’s volatile reaction, to the search for a new leader, the potential for conflict in their ranks is running high. “There is a little bit of that for everybody this season,” Labine said. “There are qualities in each of the Paladins that could, if explored fully and nurtured and taken care of and honed, they could be a leader. Any one of us.”

And while arguments have been made for Keith, Lance, and even Allura to step into that leadership role, Taylor-Klaus believes Hunk is the true “peacemaker” of the team.

“Hunk is a peacemaker. Definitely. He likes to smooth out the edges with food, with humor, and whatever. But nobody is ready yet,” Labine told us, a statement that echoes earlier comments made by Lauren Montgomery. “So there are moments, for sure, where Hunk steps up, tries to take the lead in a couple of battles. We all have moments where we’re kind of trying to, with the lack of Shiro’s presence, trying to step up. But it’s just… none of us can actually really handle [it].”


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