3:00 pm EDT, October 7, 2017

‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’: What we learned about season 4 at NYCC

It’s that time again! Voltron returned to New York Comic Con to give us a taster of what to expect from the fast approaching fourth season.

We may not have much longer to wait until Voltron returns — season 4 hits Netflix on October 13 — but that doesn’t mean we’re any less eager to get our hands on as many details as possible.

Thankfully, the cast and executive producers delivered. Here’s everything we learned about season 4 from the panel.

  • Season 4 will pick up right where the previous one left off. The Paladins will be attempting to build the Coalition. Whilst a newly-awakened Zarkon and Lotor will find themselves at odds over the Galra Empire.
  • The Paladins are in the very good place at the start of season 4. But there was some hints at tension coming between some of the Paladins as the season progresses.
  • Pidge’s mission to find her brother picks up some steam. In a clip shown at the panel, she finds the one person selling the type of bombs used to free Matt, and pushes them for more intel. Pidge gets a fantastic chance to kick some ass, when the dealer goes to sell her out to the Galra, and comes out with a strongest lead in her search yet.

  • In another clip shown at the panel, Keith and Shiro are having a… disagreement. Whilst Shiro has accepted his new role on the Castleship, Keith still feels Shiro should be the leader and pilot of the Black Lion, whilst Shiro believes in Keith and his leadership. This clip also revealed that Keith will be training with the Blade of Marmora this season — something that might cause tension between the Paladins.
  • Meanwhile, Lance and Hunk will also have some more development this season. For Lance, it’s all about overcoming his bravado and ego, as he strives to be a better leader. For Hunk, he will be learning diplomacy — specifically from Shiro.
  • Additionally, for Lance, Lauren Montgomery feels as though he’s really stepped up and continues to step up as Keith’s right hand. “Lance has really come into his own and being Keith’s stability.”
  • Have you been wondering about Kalternecker? Don’t worry, she’s absolutely fine! In an additional clip, Lance is satisfying Allura and Coran’s desire for milkshake… by teaching them how to milk a cow. Lance is very blasé about the whole thing, but Allura and Coran are horrified at the process. It’s safe to say that newfound milkshake obsession might be curtailed.

  • On the Galra side, Lotor will continue to calculate his next moves. We know he’ll be going through the breach, but what’s waiting for him on the other side? They wouldn’t say, but if he gets his hands on Quintessence, it’ll spell bad news for the Paladins.
  • A question for many Voltron fans: Will we see any LGBTQIA+ representation in the show? Both Lauren and Joaquim are for it, and continue to fight for continued diversity on the show, but they couldn’t give a definitive answer on if (or when) that might happen.
  • With the Paladin switcheroo, for Lauren and Joaquim, they felt it made sense for Lance to leave Blue. Likening Blue to a mother, they said that she knew Lance was ready to fly the nest and step up. Allura needed her guidance more.

If you need a reminder on what’s coming up next on Voltron, check out the season 4 trailer below, as well as a clip outlining Lotor’s… motivations.

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