A wild goat named Voldemort got loose from his family’s home and chased a teenager up a tree, trapping him there for a hour.

If it weren’t for the news report from the local news station, we wouldn’t have believed it either.

The goat’s chain got loose early in the morning before sunrise which sent the animal, owned by Harry Potter fans, running up the town’s main street. It was then that a 14 year old boy named Jaxon Gessel encountered Voldemort. The boy was calm, at first thinking it was a dog, until Voldemort started making strange grunting noises. Those sounds scared Gessel so he began running away.

Even scarier, Voldemort reportedly stood up on his hind legs and wrapped his arms around Dra– we mean Gessel. The boy had to climb up a tree and was stuck there until his parents called in a missing person’s report, which is when police found him.

The goat’s owner now calls the boy, hilariously, “The Boy That Lived.” Watch the video report below from a local news station.

The family describes Voldemort as “good with kids,” but after getting a good look at the goat we have to say we’d be running away too. No word yet if this goat was the result of the “inappropriate charms” used by a certain pub owner.

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