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Hypable interviews ‘Divergent’ stars at Chicago Premiere

The Divergent author and stars were very candid and excited about the movie while walking the red carpet in Chicago on March 4. Fortunately, Hypable was there to capture a bit of the night’s magic on video!

As we’ve mentioned before, the Chicago premiere of Divergent was a fantastic experience. We loved being around so many avid fans and movie enthusiasts. When the stars finally took to the red carpet, there was a real electricity in the air.

Our first interview of the night was with the lovely Amy Newbold, the actress who played Dauntless initiate Molly Atwood. When we asked Newbold what she was most excited to see in the movie, she told us that she was really looking forward to seeing the whole Divergent world come together.

“I didn’t ever get to see Erudite headquarters or a lot of Abnegation houses, so I’m excited to see all that come to life too,” she said. “Because I was on set for all of the Dauntless stuff but [there wasn’t a lot of overlap], especially for me.”

Watch our entire interview with Newbold below.

We had the fortunate opportunity to speak to the wonderful Veronica Roth right after we finished our discussion with Newbold. We were dying to ask her if there was something in the movie that she wishes that she would have included while writing Divergent. Surprisingly, she didn’t hesitate at all in responding that she wishes she would have emphasized Jeanine’s role more.

“You have this antagonist who’s off the page for most of the book,” explained Roth. “So if I could go back and do something, it would be to make her more nuanced and maybe a little more present at the ending.”

Watch our entire interview with Roth below.

The men of Divergent were our final two interviewees of the night. Up first: the talented Theo James. We were most interested in finding out what he was most excited about filming when he first received the script.

Interestingly, he was most looking forward to the final scene with Four in the control room. “It’s a mix of action and also love between two characters,” he explained.

Watch our entire interview with James below. (Unfortunately, the high five he gave us was not caught on film.)

We wrapped up our time on Chicago’s Divergent red carpet with the enthusiastic and charming Ansel Elgort. Honestly, our favorite part about our interview with Elgort was when he compared the Divergent world with Middle Earth.

“There’s this story with this whole different world, you know sort of like The Lord of the Rings,” Ansel gushed. “…They built [this whole new place] with these factions and everything.”

Watch our entire interview with Elgort below.

We hope you enjoy watching these interviews as much as we did doing them.

Stay tuned to Hypable for more Divergent news and coverage leading up to the movie’s premiere this Friday, March 21!

Also be sure to check out our account of a day on the set of Divergent!

Thank you to Fangirlish’s Dan Schiffmacher for teaming up with us and recording our interviews!

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