4:00 pm EDT, August 3, 2018

Video game tutors for games like ‘Fortnite’ are a thing

Video game tutors are the highest level of helicopter parenting (almost literally, when it comes to Fortnite).

While some may see this as a disturbing trend, others may think of this as a natural pathway for parents to interact with their children in the 21st century.

The first comparison that comes to mind when thinking of video game tutors is the TV show Dance Moms. Parents pressure their children to perform at an optimal level for an extracurricular activity and pump loads of money into the teaching of the act. When you think of it that way, they start to sound a lot alike, don’t they?

While Fortnite is surely not the only game to have video game tutors, the scavenger/survival free-to-play game is mega popular in younger age groups. The funny part is, the majority of the money made by Fortnite comes from optional add-ons, such as costumes or weapon upgrades.

video game tutors fortnite shopping cart

With video game tutors now cashing in on the Fortnite trend, I can’t help but feel a bit envious that someone else thought of doing this before me.

You can always look at this as a positive bonding experience for parents and their children, with it bridging the technological gap many adults feel toward younger generations. Also, it gives children something active to practice at, and teaches them the value of hard work and determination.

However, the disturbing results of professional gaming are far too often ignored when players get invested in the competitive scene. Tendonitis is a too common side effect of those that use their thumbs and wrists for gaming for long periods of time. Also, the negative health effects of non-active lifestyles can bring about a lot of trouble for players looking to make a profession out of their video gaming passions.

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Like it or not, video game tutors are here to stay. Whether or not we embrace them is up to us.

Source: IGN

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