Last night in Wales, the temperatures and wind were positively Arctic. You have to feel bad for Karen Gillan, who was obviously dressed in summer apparel: cropped jeans and sneakers with no socks. The cast braved the conditions during the outdoor shoot, and Arthur Darvil even captured a moment to share with fans.

According to the description on the below YouTube video that captured a portion of the filming:

On the set of Series 7 of Doctor Who, in Cardiff. This is part of scene 5 of episode 5, which features the Weeping Angels. The episode is period, set in the 1940’s. A mysterious character, male, 30’s, in a pea-coat and fedora had already cautiously entered the building, followed by an equally cautious Rory. The Doctor and Amy are in a bigger rush!!

Photos of the actual Weeping Angels were captured up close by Doctor Who TV, which reports:

Filming on the fifth episode of Doctor Who Series 7 kicked off last night. As previously reported the story is set in New York, with some filming due to take place on location later this month. This time though they were shooting at the Cardiff School of Physics and Astronomy building, which was standing in for a location in America.

Doctor Who TV has some additional photos of the Weeping Angels, and Wales Online captured a freezing Karen Gillan and Matt Smith.

After the cast had a chance to move indoors and warm up, Arthur Darvil tweeted the candid shot of Karen Gillan below.

What is interesting about this shoot is that Wales is doubling for New York City. It makes you wonder how much filming will actually be done in New York City, if they are achieving what they need while in the UK.

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