4:00 pm EST, January 21, 2015

Victoria Justice discusses ‘Eye Candy’ and drops teasers for upcoming episodes

By Brook Wentz | Edited by Karen Rought

Victoria Justice and executive producer Christian Taylor discuss their new show Eye Candy and drop some big teasers for upcoming episodes.

In a recent interview with Afterbuzz TV, the two sat down to chat about episode 2, “BRB,” of Eye Candy. They discussed the development of the project, the behind-the-scenes aspects of filming, and shared a bunch of teasers about what’s to come!

Christian Taylor explained during the interview that he had a specific structure for how the 10 episode season would play out. The first three episodes center around the main serial killer, setting up their story and pointing Lindy in a singular direction. Episodes 4-7 act more as standalone cases. Resembling more to a CSI story of the week episode. Then the final three episodes revert back to the original serial killer focus.

Though here’s the interesting aspect: The serial killer plot won’t be completely dropped during the middle chunk of the season. Rather, they’ll weave in and out of the standalone episodes. *SPOILER WARNING* In fact, Taylor lets it slip that Lindy will be getting some HELP from the serial killer on occasion. Not a bad twist, right?

You can watch the full interview below OR you could scroll down a bit further to see where we’ve collected all the major spoilers and teasers for you:

More on what’s coming to ‘Eye Candy’

-The serial killer ISN’T George: “I kind of think I can say he’s not the killer,” Taylor spills. “He’s less the killer than Victoria [Lindy] could be the killer,” he goes on to say. So fear not, George fans! It looks like you’re in the clear!
-There’s a lot of Jake in the next episode, “HBTU,” as well as some big twists.
-Ben will be returning!
-He appears in a flashback episode that’s supposed to give us more information about Ben and Lindy’s relationship as well as tell us how Tommy is tied in.
-There will one episode that is filmed entirely in Sophia’s club.
-Taylor mentioned something about a haunted ship popping up at some point.
-Every episode has an abbreviation as a title.
-Really creepy locations will be occurring in the last two episodes.

What new ‘Eye Candy’ teaser were you most excited to learn about?

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