10:30 am EDT, September 11, 2019

‘A Very Brady Renovation’ snags HGTV highest ratings in years

A Very Brady Renovation premiered on HGTV, and the creative hybrid of a home renovation show and Brady Bunch reunion earned huge ratings.

Here’s the story of a show named Brady — well, A Very Brady Renovation, to be exact, and it’s a home renovation show on HGTV. However, this show isn’t just a straight forward reno gig. It’s a weird hybrid between a renovation show and a reunion of the surviving actors from the iconic ’70s sitcom The Brady Bunch, and it’s raking in the viewers for HGTV.

A Very Brady Renovation follows the original six “Brady Kids” as they work to renovate a home in the San Fernando Valley in California that was used for exterior shots of the Brady home. While the interior of the actual home doesn’t match what Brady fans saw on television, the Brady Kids and the crew of the HGTV show are working to make the inside of the San Fernando Valley home match what was shown on the original sitcom.

It’s a huge undertaking, and a risky one given that the final episode of The Brady Bunch aired back in 1974. It seemed HGTV took on a dangerous risk with A Very Brady Renovation — would people even watch? Well, even though many of us wouldn’t be born for at least a decade after the Brady Bunch series finale, it turns out that lots of people are tuning in to watch the Brady Kids renovate their “childhood home.”

After the September 9 series premiere of A Very Brady Renovation, HGTV reported 3.36 million viewers tuned in, which is, as The Hollywood Reporter explains, the biggest cable audience outside of Monday Night Football. It also reportedly surpassed audience numbers of those who watched the series finale of Fixer Upper the night it aired in 2018 and snagged the network’s highest ratings among audience members ages 18-49.

It’s a good thing that HGTV is raking in the viewers, as the network shelled out a whopping $3.5 million to buy the Brady home when it went on the market in 2018 (beating out Lance Bass for the property, incidentally). The network plans to continue to own the home after the series wraps, renting it out for various events.

It will be interesting to see if HGTV continues to rake in big numbers as the show continues, or if viewership will dip significantly after that premiere episode. There certainly is a huge job ahead of the team from A Very Brady Renovation, as there are some significant structural changes that have to be made to the property to get it to match the interior we saw in the ’70s sitcom, meaning lots of exciting renovation drama in store (and appearances by some faves like the Property Brothers) that will delight Brady Bunch fans and Brady newbies who love to watch home renovation shows.

If you want to check out the nostalgic home improvement fun, you can catch A Very Brady Renovation when it airs on HGTV on Monday nights.

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