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Veronica Roth discusses ‘ruthless’ storytelling in ‘Allegiant,’ comments on future of series

Appearing on NBC’s Today Show on Wednesday, Allegiant author Veronica Roth responded to the major events that take place in her final Divergent book.

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Matt Lauer interviewed Roth and asked her about the reviews that describe Allegiant as “ruthless” due to character deaths. Lauer didn’t spoil viewers but is alluding to the death of a major character.

“I guess I would understand why they would say that [it’s ruthless],” Roth responded. “To me, what happens in the third book feels like a very satisfying end to a lot of the characters’ stories. I don’t know if it was ruthless so much as earned, I hope.”

Pressing forward, Lauer pointed out that the characters she decided to kill in Allegiant are major. “I don’t think I ever set anyone up to believe that any of the good characters were safe. In the first two books we certainly have a share of losses. I think it’s just in keeping with the tone of the trilogy.”

Elsewhere in the interview Roth was asked by someone on Twitter if she’ll expand the Divergent series beyond the trilogy. “I’d consider expanding,” Roth said. “I really planned the arc to end in this place. I feel like the ending, I’m very proud of it. I’m very happy with the way it ends. I think it ties up all the stories that it needs to. As of now I have no plans to expand.”

Those who’ve read Allegiant know that it would be tricky to expand the series beyond the trilogy because of what happens in the finale. Though Roth didn’t mention it, she’s in the middle of releasing a series of Four short stories. Three of them will debut over the next few months, and one of them is already available for purchase in eBook format.

You can watch the interview below:

Allegiant went on sale on Tuesday and had a first printing of 2 million copies.

Do not read the comments unless you want to risk being spoiled about what happens in Allegiant.

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