Rob Thomas addresses some concerns about the first Veronica Mars novel, as well as some exciting news about new merchandise available for purchase in a new update.

It seems like Rob Thomas just can’t keep his mouth shut about Veronica Mars – not that we would ever want him to, of course. While the cover of The Thousand Dollar Tan Line was unveiled last week, Rob was able to give Kickstarter backers some more details about the book.

If you remember, people were worried that the book description was spoiling the end of the movie, but try not to worry Marshmallows. “It was written months ago, before Jennifer and I even started working on the book.” Rob said. “I’d avoid reading too much into it.”

He was able to confirm, though, that the book picks up a few months after the movie and while “the movie is not designed as a cliffhanger” we can expect the events of the book to be the next chapter in Veronica’s life.

For all of those wondering what this means for possible future films, Rob said that a second movie would either be an adaptation of the novel or would take place after the events of the book. Either way, the book will (hopefully) be addressed by a second movie.

Finally, as if we needed more reason to pre-order The Thousand Dollar Tan Line, Rob teased, “The book will feature the return of another important figure from Veronica’s past — someone you already know from the show — who didn’t return for the movie.”

Who do you think could it be? Jackie, Wallace’s high school love? Lianne Mars, Veronica’s mom who was last seen stealing $50,000 from her family? Or Duncan, Veronica’s boring Logan stand-in?

And while you take in all that information about the 1st novel, take a breath so you can wrap your head around the fact that a second book in the series will be published before the year ends! Two novels and a movie? Yeah, we’ll take it.

While we’re on the subject of what we’ll take, Rob added that CafePress has received hundreds of designs for new Veronica Mars merchandise only two weeks after launching their fan-designed platform.

We suggest getting your merchandise as soon a possible because CafePress is offering 20% off all Veronica Mars merchandise until the movie’s release on March 14. Plus, you’ll want to be wearing your Team Logan shirts for the premiere.

Veronica Mars Countdown Week begins on March 6 and the movie premieres in only 10 days.


Which character from Veronica’s past would you like to see return in the books?

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