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‘The Veronica Mars Movie’ characters: Do you remember them? (Updated)

Dick Casablancas

What CAN’T be said about Richard “Dick” Casablancas, Jr.? This character, played by Ryan Hansen, is one of the most iconic characters of the series thanks to his slimy, womanizing ways. He always had some stupid remark that made us all roll our eyes and cringe. The last time we saw Dick, he was finally beginning to heal and come to terms with what he did to his brother Cassidy and what Cassidy, in turn, did to others. However, Dick didn’t transform completely, as he tried making a move on Mac after apologizing for his behavior toward her (which you can watch in the short video below).

Also, if you have yet to watch Ryan Hansen’s special message video that he posted after he was announced as part of the cast, you absolutely must drop what you’re doing and watch it NOW.

Gia Goodman

Krysten Ritter’s character Gia Goodman is introduced in season two as the spunky and quirky daughter of Woody Goodman, the owner of Neptune’s professional baseball team. She’s slightly ditzy, but definitely not mean like a lot of the ’09ers. She attempted to befriend Veronica, not knowing that Veronica sometimes had ulterior motives in hanging out with her. After Gia receives disturbing footage of her little brother playing soccer, Veronica investigates who’s stalking her and eventually saves Gia’s life (which is the last time we see Gia). In the season two finale, Cassidy Casablancas blows up Mr. Goodman’s plane, killing Gia’s dad. We’ll be interested to see if she’s still the same bubbly person ten years after graduation.

Deputy Sacks

We haven’t seen the man with the mustache, Deputy Sacks, since the season three finale where he shot the man who killed Sheriff Lamb. While Deputy Sacks is easily manipulated by Veronica at the beginning of the series, he’s a very lovable character. Maybe we’ll see him next as Jerry Sacks, Sheriff of Balboa County. Wouldn’t that be a fun surprise?

Because Deputy Sacks didn’t have that large of a role in the series, there aren’t many videos of him online, let alone videos of his best moments. So check out the video below if you’re looking for a bit of a general refresher on his character (or if you can’t remember how gnarly his mustache was).

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Sean Friedrich

You’ll best remember Kevin Sheridan’s character Sean Friedrich as that sneaky little bugger who stole the money from Logan’s poker game. He pretends to be a rich ’09er when he’s really the son of a butler. If you’ll recall, he makes his dad chauffeur him to school in a limo in order to uphold the image he has created. Sean pops into a Veronica Mars episode every once in a while but really hasn’t had much plot relevance since 1×10 “An Echolls Family Christmas.” We hope that he continues to pretend to be an ’09er during the class reunion and that Veronica knocks him down a peg or two.

(This is the best video we could find. Sean is the guy at the table who doesn’t chime in until the end.)


Corny is Neptune High’s most lovable stoner (or, as Rob Thomas put it in his Kickstarter announcement, “an aspiring horticulturist”). This character, played by Jonathan Chesner, never had a major plot revolve around him but was always around for some quality comic relief. He was both a friend and fan of Veronica, helping her out whenever she needed and eventually nominating her for prom queen (which is funny because we never thought a lovable stoner would also have a sense of school spirit). The last time we see Corny is at the end of season two when he offers to bring some of his special brownies to Logan’s Alterna-Prom. Apparently, Corny’s secret ingredient is butter(?). Enjoy some classic Corny-ness in the video below.

Cindy “Mac” Mackenzie

Tina Majorino’s Mac is one of the best characters of the series. Mac is Veronica’s best girl friend and has been since season one. She helps Veronica with all of her computer and tech needs. We learn in the first season that she was switched at birth with Madison Sinclair, meaning that she techinically would have been an ’09er, but she probably wouldn’t have been as cool. The last time we saw Mac, she was happily dating a guy named Max who liked to sell copies of exams. It’s like the match was made in heaven. We can’t even begin to describe how excited we are to see Mac again.

Madison Sinclair

Ugh. Madison Sinclair. Even though actress Amanda Noret is very sweet, her character was such a witch. Madison would give people she didn’t like “a trip to the dentist,” which basically meant that she’d spit in a drink and then serve it to them (which is what got Veronica in trouble at Shelly Pomoroy’s party). She’s horribly shallow and spoiled, and has the worst taste in men (she dated Dick for a very long time!). Even though Madison goes away to USC for college and is absent for most of season three, she does eventually return and divulge the fact that she and Logan had slept together while he and Veronica were broken up. When we see her again at the ten-year high school reunion, we hope that she’s one of those girls who peaked in high school.

Luke Haldeman

Luke Haldeman, played by Sam Huntington (who you may recognize from Being Human, Superman Returns or Fanboys), is a Neptune High baseball player. He’s assumably not a wealthy ’09er because he attempts to smuggle steroids from Mexico. Of course, the plan goes awry as his friend Troy’s car gets “stolen” with the drugs hidden in a pinata in the car. Luke seems like a nice guy who just got caught up in bad business. The last time we saw Luke, Veronica was questioning about what he saw at Shelly Pomoroy’s party the night she was raped. We’re definitely interested in seeing him at the Neptune reunion.

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