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The best LoVe moments on ‘Veronica Mars’ that we’ll remember forever

There are few couples more iconic and beloved than Logan and Veronica. To celebrate their relationship, these are the best LoVe moments on Veronica Mars of all time.

No, we didn’t misspell or mis-type “love.” For those of you who are newbies to the Veronica Mars fandom, “LoVe” is the endearing (and totally adorable) ship name for *major Veronica Mars spoiler alert* Logan and Veronica. And boy, is it a wonderful ship. Long-time Marshmallows know that it’s definitely the one to watch, even if it’s not your #1.

Logan and Veronica have gone through a lot, both together and by themselves, but some of their most vulnerable and character-building moments have happened side by side. We can’t help but to root for them to be together. They’ve taught us a lot about what love should and shouldn’t be like in ways we never would have imagined.

To put it frankly, these two melt our hearts every time we see them.

Though it wasn’t originally supposed to be canon, LoVe’s relationship has had so many wonderful (and not-so-wonderful) moments over the years and we’re incredibly grateful to have experienced them alongside our favorite couple (and we may or may not still have a glimmer of hope for more in the future).

But, until then, these are what we deem the best LoVe moments of all time.

The best LoVe moments in ‘Veronica Mars’

7. Veronica comforting Logan when he realizes his mother is dead

Best LoVe moments on Veronica Mars: Veronica comforts Logan
We were surprised when Logan had first asked Veronica to help find his mother. After all, he had been terrorizing her for months at that point. However, the two were both looking for some sort of closure or connection to their mothers who had disappeared on them. This similarity was bound to make their interactions emotional.

When Logan finally breaks down in “Ruskie Business” (1×15) and realizes that his mother is dead, he shows us a side of him that we haven’t seen before. Judging by the first expression on Veronica’s face in that scene, it’s a side she hasn’t seen before either. But it becomes clear through her expression that she soon begins to empathize with how Logan’s feeling, making her the best person to comfort him. This is just such a tender and memorable Veronica Mars scene that we can’t help but love.

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6. The Sadie Hawkins dance

Best LoVe moments on Veronica Mars: Logan and Veronica at the dance

Ahhh the Sadie Hawkins dance. Who would have guessed that an obnoxious moment with Gia would end with an adorable LoVe moment?

One of the most heartbreaking parts about this scene in “Plan B” (2×17) is that you can immediately tell how much Logan wants to be dancing with Veronica at that moment and how much he’s holding himself back from doing what he wants. It’s not all that hard to see past his sarcastic Dirty Dancing quip.

Veronica, on the other hand, can’t stop herself from staring at Logan. It’s apparent that she’s questioning what made her drag Logan to the dance floor to dance with her and how that’s going to affect the two of them.

There’s just so much angst and desire in this short scene that it hits us squarely in the feels every time.

5. Logan and Veronica reuniting after he returns home from deployment

Best LoVe moments on Veronica Mars: Logan returns

Veronica’s reaction to realizing Logan was back during “Spring Break Forever” (4×04) was essentially all of our reactions. But the way she “welcomed” him home? That was classic LoVe. From calling him out of the water by yelling “Hey, Blue Trunks!” to propositioning him for sex in front of impressionable, young spring breakers…

While they may not have seen each other in months, Logan and Veronica don’t miss a beat. He immediately understands what she’s doing and goes along with her ruse without question. They work perfectly in sync until they fool all of the girls around them and have a chance to slip off together to reunite properly.

heir banter has always been one of the most wonderful (not to mention entertaining) aspects of their relationship, but this scene in the season four opener is probably one of their best. It is the perfect reintroduction to who they are as a couple and just how much they complement each other.

4. Logan and Veronica on the roof with Beaver

Best LoVe moments on Veronica Mars: Logan and Veronica on the Neptune Grand rooftop

As if this scene wasn’t emotional enough without adding LoVe into the mix. Seriously though. Some of our staff have created a support group for those who felt personally victimized by the Beaver reveal at the end of “Not Pictured” (2×22). But having Logan on the roof with both Veronica and Beaver made the scene so much more dramatic.

We always cry when Logan starts begging and persuading Veronica not to shoot Beaver. He knows her well enough to know that she could never live with herself if she shot him or with him because he let her. He probably wouldn’t be able to live with himself either. In that moment, the two of them believe that they are all each other has. Logan keeps a level head in order to keep Veronica safe and be there for her as best he can because he knows that she needs him.

Above everything, this scene shows us that Logan will always be there for Veronica whenever she needs him, even if they aren’t on speaking terms. All she has to do is call (or text). Out of all of the Veronica Mars LoVe scenes, this one is probably one of the most emotional.

3. Veronica and Logan *finally* get married

Best LoVe moments on Veronica Mars: Logan and Veronica get married

The “Will they?/Won’t they?” *finally* comes to an end in the last episode of Veronica Mars season 4 after a long deliberation of whether Veronica would ever want to get married and a cold-feet fake-out on Logan’s end.

In all honesty, what makes their nuptials even sweeter and more emotional is Logan walking in late after just texting “Sorry” to Veronica, and then the pure look of relief on her face (and all of the love radiating from his). Their ceremony is simple and to the point, much in the way their relationship has been. They didn’t need anything fancy or over the top. They just needed to both get themselves to the officiant.

After years of waiting to see Logan and Veronica tie the knot, this scene is everything Marshmallows everywhere had ever wanted and so much more. (It’s just so heartbreaking that their happiness here is so short-lived…)

2. LoVe’s first kiss

Best LoVe moments on Veronica Mars: Logan and Veronica's first kiss

Though there is a little bit of a build-up to LoVe’s first kiss in “Weapons of Class Destruction” (1×18), it came as quite a surprise to many of us the first time we saw it. We love how Logan immediately came to Veronica’s aid when he sensed that she was in danger. Plus, he stayed around to make sure that she was okay, which was heart-warming.

But nothing could have prepared us for the surprising turn of events where Veronica kisses Logan. You could tell by the look on his face that that wasn’t something he was even remotely expecting. The same can be said for Veronica. Then, when he pulls her into an embrace after she tries to walk away, we couldn’t help but squeal with delight.

That was definitely the kiss that launched a thousand ships. Ships called “LoVe.”

1. ‘I thought our story was epic, you know.’

Best LoVe moments on Veronica Mars: Logan and Veronica's epic love story

How could this moment in “Look Who’s Stalking” (2×20) not be our #1 choice for our favorite Veronica Mars LoVe moment? In fact, it’s probably one of the most (if not the most) memorable and quoted scenes in the series, which is quite a feat. It’s so tender and heartfelt (despite the fact that Logan is quite a bit tipsy). Logan’s speech came at a time where LoVe shippers were looking for any sign of the couple reuniting and it sent us all into a tizzy.

Let’s first analyze the setting. After their official prom had been shut down, this Alterna-Prom was thrown together. The fact that it was an Alterna-Prom adds credibility to Logan’s revelation. Prom night makes people do crazy things that are usually not very sincere. Since it wasn’t prom, Logan’s speech feels more authentic and heartfelt. The song playing in the background, “I Can Hear the Bells” by Mike Doughty, only intensifies that feeling. So when Logan starts talking about his relationship with Veronica, we’re able to look past his drunken state and see his broken, yearning heart.

Logan’s definition of “epic” just makes us swoon every time we hear it. He believes that LoVe’s love is bigger and more encompassing than either of them had originally realized. In the moment that Logan touches Veronica’s face, it’s clear how much Logan means to her and how badly she wants to be with him. However, her fear of pain gets in the way of their reunion, which breaks all of our hearts every time. The fact that Logan can’t remember anything about their special moment the morning after is just the piercing dagger that comes to finish us off.

We really can’t accurately describe how much we love this scene and why. We’re simply hoping that you, our fellow Marshmallows, will instinctively understand how much this moment means to us because you all feel the same.

As Logan says, “No one writes songs about the ones that come easy.” As proved by all of the moments we chose for our list, no other sentiment could ever describe LoVe better.

What do you believe are the best LoVe moments on ‘Veronica Mars’?

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