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‘Veronica Mars’: Would Logan and Veronica make it through a revival?

Logan and Veronica have made it through a lot, but would they make it through a Veronica Mars revival?

Their journey to each other was anything but easy, but the undeniable magnetism between Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls brought them together again and again. No matter who or what got in their way, they always found their way back to each other. In the end, despite every obstacle, it was Logan and Veronica.

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Period. Close the book. Roll the credits. LoVe (Logan/Veronica) is officially end game.

That is, unless the series returns to TV! And believe it or not, it looks like that might actually happen.

Now, before any LoVe shippers start a petition to remove me from the Marshmallows (what Veronica Mars fans call themselves), please know that I count myself among your ranks. The fiery dynamic that exists between Veronica and Logan is one of my favorite parts of the show. Their undeniable chemistry and the depth of their love for each other makes it nearly impossible not to root for them. Trust me, this article expresses my concern, not my desire.

veronica mars, logan echolls

When the Veronica Mars series ended, things weren’t great between the “epic” couple. Following Veronica’s sex tape scandal, she pretty much told Logan that she wanted nothing to do with him, causing the series to end on a very sour note for LoVe fans.

Thankfully, loyal Marshmallows emptied their pockets to fund The Veronica Mars Movie, and the world made sense once again when they reunited, making their love truly span years and continents. Also, some lives were ruined and blood was shed so… is Logan psychic?

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At the end of the movie, all was well in the land of LoVe. However, the canon didn’t stop there. Rob Thomas couldn’t resist telling more stories about Veronica’s return to the P.I. world (and he evidently couldn’t wait for the revival), so he wrote two books.

Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line and Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell picked up where the movie left off. Veronica was back in Neptune, messenger bag in tow, and Logan was her doting boyfriend whenever he wasn’t deployed.

veronica mars, logan echolls

However, in Mr. Kiss and Tell, things were beginning to get more complicated between the LoVebirds. Logan was away for increasingly long periods of time, and even with all the technology available, the distance was starting to get to both of them. Their chemistry definitely spans continents, but a bad internet connection can really slow down a reaction.

Enter the very charming Leo, who was a highlight of both the Veronica Mars series and the movie, and things get even dicier. Veronica and Leo ended up working a case together, and their old banter was just as quick and fun as you remember. By the end of the case, Veronica was even getting confused, as the below excerpt demonstrates.

“‘You know, Veronica, we’re really good together,’ Leo spoke suddenly in the midst of the silence. Veronica felt her cheeks burn, remembering the shared kisses of a decade before. She’d be lying if she denied feeling Leo’s affection for her as they’d worked on the case. She’d be telling herself a worse lie if she refused to admit that she enjoyed it. But the dirty little secret, the one that pained her in the wee hours when she couldn’t sleep, was that she felt something similar for Leo.”


veronica mars, leo

Leo’s relationship with Veronica might have been questionable when she was in high school, but now that they’re both adults, it makes perfect sense. They have similar interests, jobs, and hobbies, they have good chemistry, and everyone in her life loves him. It’s a slam dunk.

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Veronica chose Logan and private investigation over the life she was building with Piz that would have “bored the shit out of her,” but Leo’s not boring. No, he’s not as exciting as Logan, but he does keep Veronica on her toes, and he’s even willing to go a little bit around the law with Veronica for the sake of a case.

In another heartbreaking line from Mr. Kiss and Tell, Veronica identifies one more thing that Leo has going for him.

“Leo was here. He hadn’t chosen to leave her.”

If Veronica’s already this confused, it makes me wonder where a Veronica Mars revival would take her, in terms of her love life. Does Logan have a chance at ending up with the binocular-ed bombshell? Would she keep choosing the reformed bad boy and the great love of her life? Or would she opt for something that’s just a little easier, this time? Assuming the revival takes the book canon into account, will Veronica continue to work with Leo in the future? Will Logan stay far away?

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If and when the revival happens, there will definitely be some more obstacles for Logan and Veronica to face. Obviously, any TV series needs drama, so I’m sure Veronica and Logan will return to some form of their usual cycles. I’m just not sure that they’ll make it out as well as they did the last time. People change, after all.

Luckily, if the below excerpt from Mr. Kiss and Tell is to be believed, Veronica is still on team LoVe.

“I’m with Logan, and I love him more than I thought I could love a man, and we have an opportunity to be happy in spite of everything and I can’t throw all that away for something more convenient.”

Let’s hope LoVe’s love can continue to win out in the nearly inevitable Veronica Mars revival!

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