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10 times Venom and Eddie Brock were relatable af

Just a man and his symbiote living the daily grind.

Peter Parker who? Venom and Eddie Brock are the most relatable superheroes to grace the silver screen. Their catchphrase should be, “Same.”

Perhaps it’s unrealistic to have an alien organism attach itself to your body, talk to you inside your head, and take over your physical functions. But Eddie Brock and Venom certainly make it work in the most believable fashion. Here are ten times Eddie and Venom made us think, “Yeah, me too.”

Eddie’s high-pitched scream

When Venom first says Eddie’s name, poor Eddie is so alarmed, he’s jolts back with a high-pitched shriek uncommonly heard from such masculine men in film. It’s not just girls whose vocal chords can reach that pitch.

Venom craving tater tots and chocolate

Sometimes the cost for that tender steak is too much. It could be because it’s sold at your local grocer at a price beyond your salary, or because there’s too many people around who could witness you eating someone’s head. Nevertheless, tater tots and chocolate are a tasty alternative.

Eddie shushing a cat

Ever tried to be sneaky, but your girlfriend’s cat is watching and you know you can’t trust him? If you don’t tell him to keep quiet, who knows what he’ll do.

Venom making up excuses to make out with his crush

It’s just human/symbiote nature to make up excuses to talk to your crush, touch your crush’s hand, use their body as your host, and yes, even make out with them. Why else did he kiss him to re-inhabit his body, when a hug, or a touch was all that was necessary? Venom can pretend he just wanted Anne to have a moment with Eddie, but we all know it’s just because he’s in love with Eddie.

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Venom trying to get his crush back with his ex

The classic, tragic love story of symbiote likes boy, boy likes girl, and girl likes Dan. Venom is a true friend and wingman, accepting that his crush is in love with another and doing what he can to get them back together.

Eddie sweats. A lot.

You’ve heard of man-sweat. Get ready for ugly-sweat. Eddie Brock doesn’t just sweat in Venom, he sweats a lot, and not in the attractive Hollywood way. His sweat stains are so prominently featured in all the natural places, it’s a wonder Venom didn’t comment on Eddie’s smell and tell him to take a shower. But maybe he’s into that.


If your friend doesn’t YOLO with you out a window and slide down a building instead of taking the elevator, what kind of friend are they? You’re well within your right to call them out.

Eddie putting his hands up when scary men point guns at him

Who actually gets pumped up and ready to fight when outnumbered by men with guns? Certainly your average reporter is not equipped to take down armed men with their bare hands? Not even a grown-ass man. Don’t listen to Venom, Eddie, you did the sensible thing putting your hands up and surrendering, it’s what the rest of us would do.

Eddie sits in a lobster tank…at a public restaurant.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been tempted to chill with the lobsters in the big tank at the front of restaurants. It’s just so big, how can you not want to sit in it, especially on a hot summer day? And the lobsters? They’re just sitting there, waiting to be eaten. An open buffet. Eddie is really just doing what all of us wish we were bold enough to do. Maybe don’t do it though if you ever want to be allowed back to that restaurant.

Losers together.

The fact that Venom likes Eddie because Eddie is a loser and he can relate is so millennial. Welcome to the Loser’s Club, Eddie. Let’s also not forget that Venom doesn’t want to destroy Earth and go back home because he’s a loser on his home planet, but on Earth he thrives. Yeah, that seems like a good enough reason to make Earth your new home.


Anne being mildly horrified that she ate a guy’s head

It’s just the natural reaction to have when your ex-boyfriend’s symbiote makes you eat a living man’s head.

Which Venom and/or Eddie Brock moment was most relatable to you?

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