The White House is under fire and someone has to take the ultimate fall on Veep season 4, episode 3.

It’s Good Friday and things aren’t looking so good for President Meyer. After giving an interview about an eight-year-old with HIV, the girl’s identity was outed on a Reddit thread due to a data breech in the White House. In order to get this breech under control, and assure the public that their information is safe, Selina sends Dan to find a low-level employee to pin this on. Or the “expenda-belles,” as Dan likes to call them.

Ultimately it was Leigh, the employee whose existence has been confusing Selina since the beginning of the season, who was put on the chopping block. We’re sad to see her go, we loved Selina’s disgust every time the poor girl did her job.

Meanwhile, Catherine is continuing to try and change how the public perceives her, but things get a bit rocky when the paparazzi snap a picture of her vaping with her boyfriend. As Selina puts it, though, at least Ryan photographs well. Much to Selina’s chagrin, she ends up deciding to head up an anti-bullying campaign in order to make her more likeable. Because this will make everyone assume Selina has been bullying her daughter, right?

veep season 4 episode 3

By the time Sunday arrives, the heat surrounding Jennifer Graham won’t settle so it is decided that someone higher up needs to be axed. Dan, having anticipated this, suggests that Jonah be the one to get the boot. From the beginning of the episode, Dan gave Jonah the responsibility of handling the VP’s entrance at a speaking engagement, as well as assigning Richard to his team.

Jonah, of course, can’t handle all of the responsibility and goes on to screw up numerous things, such as not playing the right music for the Veep’s entrance (“Every Breath You Take” didn’t exactly aid the country in trusting the administration) and setting off fireworks during an impromptu statement given by the President.

Dan gears up to finally fire Jonah (a day he’s probably been waiting for since he started working) but is derailed by Richard who reveals that the data breach leaked a direct mailer that Selina sent out, that targeted parents who have lost their children.

Suddenly, Jonah isn’t a viable employee to fire and they need someone bigger. After a bait and switch with Ben, the poor soul to go ends up being none other than Dan Egan himself. He doesn’t go out without a small fight, though, and ends up getting a title promotion for his public firing. In the ending scene, we see Dan already hard at work finding a new job. However, we have a feeling it won’t take him long to get back to the White House.

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