2:42 pm EDT, June 7, 2019

Vans’ Harry Potter shoes are here, and Hufflepuffs have once again been screwed

Vans’ highly-anticipated collection of officially licensed Harry Potter shoes have arrived, and while there are definitely some cool designs in the collection, at least one House should feel a little snubbed.

Vans dropped four different shoe styles in their Harry Potter collection, but there’s only one Hogwarts House associated with each shoe design. That means if you’re someone who only buys Gryffindor merchandise, you better like wearing high tops.

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Yep, the Gryffindors get the high tops while the Slytherins and Ravenclaws get more typical Vans sneakers. Meanwhile, the Hufflepuffs have been given the slip-ons. Beauty is subjective, of course, but I believe the Hufflepuffs got screwed here. Slip-ons are easy and comfy, but they are far from stylish.

Take a look at the Harry Potter x Vans Hogwarts House designs, photographed by Vans with an unnecessary number of mirrors:

To me, that is so typical of what Hufflepuffs have to deal with.

Or as one of my followers put it:

If you don’t like the design that Vans released for your Hogwarts House, there’s a bit of good news: They’re letting fans create their own designs. However, there are only two Harry Potter patterns to choose from and neither is specific to a single Hogwarts House.

The Vans Collection does not end there. There are several more Harry Potter shoes (that aren’t House-specific), as well as shirts and hats.

The collection is pretty nice overall, and rivals some of the stuff we’ve seen at BoxLunch and PotteryBarn. See everything from Vans here.

These collaborations and the strong interest in them speaks to the staying power of Harry Potter. I love it.

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