Words can’t express how we feel about the latest turn of events on The Vampire Diaries, so we thought we’d show you instead! Major spoilers from the last episode ahead.

We love ourselves some Vampire Diaries, and when this episode finished airing we were so full of feels that we had to share it with the rest of the Internet. If you listen to our vampire podcast, Vampire Hype, you’ll know how we felt about basically everything. Although, if you don’t, we’ve provided explanations so you can understand how our minds work.

Disclaimer: These GIFs came from the writer’s personal collection that he’s gathered over the years from Tumblr. If you see a gif that was made by you please let us know and we will credit you accordingly!

When Vaughn started speaking with his accent

There’s nothing sexier than a muscled killing machine with a foreign accent! …Okay well there are probably a few, but that’s not the point. When we realized that Damon’s kidnapper had an accent, we were kind of disappointed when we realized he had to die. …Until he stabbed Bonnie, then we realized how sadistic we truly are.

We find out there’s only one dose of the cure

I mean let’s get real, here. Silas predates vampires, right? So why on earth would Qetsiyah bury him with enough of a cure to last more than once? It’s not like once Silas takes the cure he’ll decide, “Nah, I think I’ll go back to being immortal,” somehow becomes immortal again, and then regrets being immortal, and takes the cure again. C’mon, people!

There’s someone else on the island…who?!

Admittedly we had inklings of it being Katherine, but we didn’t really know until she attacked Elena. We just pretended like it was someone else, just so we can be truly shocked when the reveal came. The funny thing is that it actually worked.

Rebecca snaps Stefan’s neck

Other than Rebecca trying to get the upper hand on grabbing the cure…we just…we mean…was there really a need for that, girl? He was your friend! He was starting to trust you, and so was Elena! We have no words. Just GIFS.

Shane breaks his leg and Bonnie walks off

We couldn’t have been prouder of Bonnie at this moment. Shane was always too weak to stand up for himself, using others to do his bidding, and now he actually can’t stand! Perfection. Let’s just raise our fists to Bonnie, being the epic witch she is.

Elena admits she’s over trying to be human.

We’re ridiculously happy that the show isn’t going towards the whole ‘Elena turns human’ road. We give props to her finally being comfortable with who she is. Not to mention Damon will probably be super happy about this revelation.

Caroline asking for Klaus’s mercy…and getting denied

Klaus, we’re so disappointed in you. We were once Caralaus shippers but now that’s ended, and we can’t wait for you to get to New Orleans. Caroline, someone Klaus supposedly loves, asks for him to spare the life of the one person she can’t say goodbye to, and he decides to ignore her. BLAH! We can’t wait to see some humanity in him for The Originals, because right now we’re just on the Klaus hate train.

Tyler leaving Mystic Falls for good, saying goodbye to Caroline

If you listen to Vampire Hype you’ll realize that we’re not really the biggest fans of Tyler. When it was revealed that he’d be leaving Mystic falls, we weren’t really that upset. As soon as he said “I gotta leave town” we were all for it, actually. But then the goodbye scene happened, and we realized how heartbreaking this was for Caroline. Well done, Julie Plec, you managed to get us to cry over a character we’re not even really excited about. Bravo.

Katherine returns!

There’s that shock we were saving for the reveal! But honestly, somehow we really were surprised when she came back. The return was done in a fantastic way, and we’re so unbelievably excited to see vampire Elena interact with Katherine, and how Nina Dobrev will bring her A+ performance in both roles at once back on screen. Just…YES!

Bonnie & Jeremy realize they need to awaken Silas to get the cure

…we have no words for this.

Jeremy dies. Silas is risen. Klaus is loose.

So what if we saw it coming?! Jeremy was almost too gorgeous to die! …almost. Is it too much to ask for him to come back as a zombie?

And this is basically how we felt the rest of the time, including the previews for next week:

We swear, sometimes it feels like Julie Plec and her team are staring at the Internet looking at our reactions and thinking up things to intensify them even more.

Want more in-depth analysis?

Don’t forget about our podcast Vampire Hype, where we will be releasing a reaction show to this episode shortly. If you have any varying opinions than the ones we’ve shared here, let us know and we’ll be sure to discuss them on the show!

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