ABC’s new spin-off Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is set to premiere on the network Oct.10, 2013. A few weeks out, ABC posted a sneak peek video of Alice and Cyprus the genie’s first meeting.

The official press release was issued by ABC describing the pilot and sets up the trajectory of the fledgling series.

In a clip released by ABC, we get a glimpse into the relationship Alice and Cyrus strike up. Cyrus, portrayed by Peter Gadiot, plays a genie living in a lamp. Alice is on a mission to return to her father and present him with proof that she is not insane. Cyrus wonders why anyone would want to return to a place where you need to prove your ability to hold onto a thought or feelings with a physical representation. Why indeed, Alice?

The flashback scene ends with Cyrus presenting Alice with a reward for stumbling upon his lamp. What will her wishes three turn out to be?

ABC’s press release fills in some plot gaps confirming that Alice does indeed return from Wonderland, tormented with her thoughts that no one seems to believe. Prior to an operation, the Knave of Hearts and the White Rabbit whisk her back to Wonderland where she learns her true love, Cyrus, is still alive. As the release states, however, Alice’s task will not be an easy one with Jafar and the Red Queen plotting against her.

Judging from the combined information, the pilot will set up the villains, both in the real world and the fantastic, against Alice with flashbacks to guide the audience along the way.

“Down the Rabbit Hole” premieres October 10 at 8 p.m. Tune in and find out what lurks at the bottom of the rabbit hole!

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