Hypable attended a Q&A with Once Upon a Time creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis Tuesday afternoon. Check out what they had to say about the future of the show!

Today ABC screened the first two episodes of Once Upon a Time’s season 3 to members of the press, and Hypable was there to take in all the goods! Afterwards, the screening the creators hosted a fun Q&A session.

Before you check out our Q&A with the creators, be sure to read our article detailing 10 exciting things from the season premiere! These questions are centered around what we saw in the first two episodes, but we’ll remain spoiler free until our review comes out later this week!

It’s all about the past as much as it is about the future.

While season 3 will explore new characters and the story arc of saving Henry from Neverland, it will also delve deeper into backstories of these characters to give us better insight into who they are and how they became that way.

A big part of this is Rumpelstiltskin’s past and how he became the man he was. We’ve seen him run away from the war, the reason we label him as a coward, but we’re about to get a lot more!

Episode 4 will be titled “Nasty Habits,” and it’ll explore Rumpel’s backstory even more. With the exploration of his past, we’ll get to see a lot more of his relationship with his father, and we’re ridiculously excited to see the man who raised Rumpelstiltskin.

Emphasis on an 11 story arc

While this isn’t necessarily new information, Kitsis and Horowitz said that the first 11 episodes will run uninterrupted by hiatuses and breaks and will be a complete arc on its own (the Neverland arc). Their lips are sealed about the next 11, though!

No plans for Camelot in ‘Once Upon a Time’

Despite a reference to Merlin and Excalibur, the show will not be going down the road to Camelot any time soon. Kitsis and Horowitz flat out said “no” when asked if the reference was foreshadowing that world. However, Kitsis did say, “We’re open to it. We could do that. But not in the foreseeable future.”

More Neverland, less Storybrooke

When asked if we’ll get to see Belle and her work in Storybrooke any time soon, Horowitz said that we’ll be spending more time in Neverland than in Storybrooke, at least for the first half of the season. “It’ll be a while until they’re in Storybrooke,” Kitsis adds.

When will we see Ariel?

The show runners let us know that Ariel will make her debut in episode 6, and while Once Upon a Time is known for doing new twists to classic tales, Ariel will keep her wonder about the world, and according to Kitsis, “There’s definitely a fork!”

How was Henry adopted?

The past is a running theme with Once Upon a Time this year. The show will be looking back at it and discovering who people are because of it. Thanks to that we’ll be able to finally see exactly how Henry was adopted, which will take place around episode 9.

Peter Pan’s backstory

In this version of Peter Pan he is someone you definitely do not want to mess with. We’ll get to see why Peter is the way he is with flashbacks to his past and his time with the Darlings, who will absolutely play an integral part in his story.

We asked why the creators made Peter like this, and Kitsis told us, “Someone who refuses to grow up will have a lot of problems. We’re young and we think we never want to grow up, but then we turn 25 and we think, ‘Oh God I’d never want to be 16 again.’ You get over it.” So they’ll explore exactly whyPeter refuses to grow up, and this’ll possibly play a part when it comes to his nature.

And Rufio fans be warned, other than a quick reference, Once Upon a Time will not be including him in this twisted tale. Due to copyright ownership by Columbia, ABC can’t do much with the character. But that doesn’t stop them from referencing him in episode 2!

Will we see Ursula or Prince Eric?

“Yes and yes!” There’s an “excellent chance” of seeing Ariel’s nemesis and her boyfriend on Once Upon a Time, and we’re excited to see how they go about it. But Horowitz was sure to let us know that “Prince Eric is slightly different than he is in the movie,” and we’re wondering exactly what he means by “slightly.”

Which part of season 3 are you looking forward to?

Once Upon a Time season 3, episode 1 will air this Sunday at 8:00PM EST/PST on ABC, and with it will bring a lot of new characters and insights in the world we already know. Who are you excited to see most? Let us know in the comments!

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