The UnREAL season 2 finale saw Rachel and Quinn teaming up again to take their show to an entirely new level.

When are the ladies of Everlasting going to learn that sleeping with Quinn and Rachel’s men will end in your downfall on national television? Hot Rachel learned her lesson, but Tiffany never saw it coming. Quinn took her diabolic plan to a new level where happily ever after doesn’t exist.

I’m not sure jealousy is a good look for Quinn, but it certainly leads to entertaining TV. As Quinn plots the downfall of happily ever after, you realize she does have feelings. After her breakup with Booth and the discovery of Chet sleeping with Tiffany, Quinn unleashes her own brand of justice.

Meanwhile, Chet is dumped by Tiffany. Poor, desperate Chet seems to have missed the memo: Screwing a contestant doesn’t mean they love you. He seems truly upset when Tiffany walks away because she loves Darius.

double wedding

After being kicked off the set, Coleman seeks revenge on Rachel and Quinn. He finds an unlikely ally in Jeremy as they plot to take down Everlasting. Coleman and Jeremy sneak on to the set to meet up with Yael. The three plan to reveal Everlasting for what it is live on the finale.

Jeremy breaks ranks from Coleman and Yael to tell Rachel the truth. Coleman thought the two could bond over hating Rachel, but when Coleman revealed Rachel’s secret, Jeremy realized who he was really loyal to.

Rachel manages to sideline Yael, but Coleman still gets the better of her by saying he will go to the press himself. Jeremy tells Rachel that he didn’t know about her past and that he stills loves her. She tells him there is no coming back from what happened between them, given he beat her up. By the way, that is probably the first sane thing Rachel has done all season. Jeremy makes a vow that he would do anything for her (remember this for later).

In the end, Jeremy meant what he said. Coleman’s fancy car went off the road and into the canyon. It doesn’t look like either survived and the final scene is reminiscent of last year’s finale except Rachel and Quinn are joined by Chet and Jeremy on the lounge chairs contemplating just how far they are willing to go for Everlasting.


In case anyone wanted to know what actually happened with the suitor, Quinn orchestrates the perfect finale with two brides. However, Rachel has different plans and brings Ruby back. In the end Darius doesn’t marry anyone but instead walks off into the sunset, without cameras, to figure out what he and Ruby have.

This season was interesting but didn’t have the same zing as season 1. I think part of the problem was there was less about Everlasting and more about the people behind the show. While their dysfunctional lives are fascinating to watch, the more interesting thing to watch is the crazy things they do to produce the show.

What did you think of the ‘UnREAL’ season 2 finale?

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