UnReal season 2, episode 7 finds out the hard way that some moments cannot be fixed with the wave of a producer’s hand.

In light of the recent tragedies resulting from gun violence across the nation “Ambush,” preempted the episode with a warning for use of gun violence concerning the police confronted with young black drivers, and offered their condolences to the victims and families of the most recent shootings in America. UnReal season 2, episode 7, took one suitor of the house and brought another one in, creating waves in all directions with Quinn standing in the eye of the impending tsunami. However, when Quinn, Rachel, Jay, Madison, Coleman, and even Adam cannot have their eyes on every wave on destruction.

They can, however, spot it well on its way and point a camera at it. Hence the unfortunate situation where Darius and the recently returned Romeo find themselves set up as two black guys in a “stolen” Bentley with two drunk women in the back seat. Cringing yet? UnReal pushes boundaries, hell, it crosses them every single week. But Rachel’s idea of making a difference is as deluded as UnReal‘s attempt to think they could pull off this storyline.

UnReal 2x07 suitors

Mary’s death last season was produced suicide. There is no other way to look at that. The arrest, shooting, and subsequent fallout was produced privilege. Jay, bless him, comes right out and pushes Rachel off the high horse she has been riding since her return to Everlasting. A black suitor is history, but it is history for a fairytale. This was not Rachel’s story to produce and the jury is still out on whether or not it was UnReal‘s to touch.

The past few weeks of the UnReal have featured inserts by directors, writers, and the women behind the series talking about pivotal scenes in the episode. “Ambush,” directed by Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, creator of the series touched on the scene where Darius is cuffed and Romeo is shot. But there was no notes on “getting the scene right” in terms of what was playing out between the cops and Darius, but rather getting Rachel’s perspective of the world turning upside down.

Rachel sits in the editing bay watching Romeo get shot over and over, a gut-wrenching reaction made in a flurry of activity set off by Rachel’s decision to pick up a phone instead of handling things internally. What would Quinn have done? Probably the same thing. Would Gary fire her under the same circumstances? Probably not.

UnReal 2x07 Coleman Quinn

Coleman took a dip in Rachel’s pool of adrenaline and got the network’s attention in all the wrong way. Coleman has his heart in the right place with Rachel. He wants a relationship built on honesty, trust, and equal partnership. Hearing him push Rachel in all of those closed door meetings that he twisted to work against Quinn, earned Coleman some major brownie points. But when the hammer has to fall on Everlasting it typically works against those who are trying their best to get the show back on track. I am not certain that Coleman is down for the count just yet.

He has a fire within that is not going out just because Quinn spilt a bit of her vodka on him. Mission one– get Rachel back. Coleman made a point about every person having some baggage from their past. We’ll see how much he can carry after meeting with Rachel’s mother in “Fugitive.”

And Quinn’s “meat puppet” got right to work. Let’s just say no one threw away their shot to grab a piece of the eye candy that Adam was throwing around the set.

UnReal 2x07 adam charm

And who could blame them? I mean…

UnReal 2x07 adam

Graham, focus!

UnReal 2x07 suitor host

Adam played by the rules, tried to coax Darius back into Everlasting‘s light, and did his part. But his focus was on helping Rachel and getting her back. However, she threw all his gestures to the side firing back at him, “I never loved you, I’m really happy so leave me alone.” But Adam was never one for listening to Rachel the first time. Adam stops back in to find Rachel burrowed back in the trailer she used to call home, but she still wants nothing to do with him.

Adam’s heart is in the right place, whether or not you believe he spent some time in Africa helping orphans. Listening to Rachel, he leaves her alone. But he does not leave her. At first, I was not thrilled with Adam’s return to UnReal. Now I’m wondering if he can find a way to get an executive producer credit on Everlasting and stick around forever.

Stray Observations

🌹 Adam’s return was triggered by Quinn’s desire to loosen the lid on Rachel’s bottled up emotions.

🌹 Adam’s scraggly scarf really drove home the fact that he shed his royal connections.

🌹 Hot Rachel is a reporter. We saw that coming a mile and three episodes away.

🌹 “Meet me on the balcony? What’s with the secretive texts?” – Coleman
“I wanted you to meet me on the balcony.” – Quinn

🌹 Madison trying to turn a $50 boat into a gondola. Graham dressed up rowing the fake boat is almost as great as the fake horseback riding date of season 1. This show is so ridiculous.

🌹 Speaking of ridiculous, “Dead guy in my mouth!”

Watch UnReal season 2, episode 8, “Fugitive,” Monday, July 25 at 10:00 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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