UnReal season 2, episode 5, “Infiltration,” saw several shifts in power as several major players vied for Rachel’s loyalty.

Jeremy and Rachel kick off this episode with a pissing contest of epic proportion. Jeremy is clearly still bitter about Rachel cheating on him as demonstrated by his snarky remarks when Rachel exits Coleman’s car. In turn, Rachel notices that Jeremy is sleeping with ‘hot Rachel’ a.k.a. Yael. She also gets a glimpse of Jeremy’s target practice that used her face. Jeremy may say Rachel is crazy but he should really take a look in the mirror because a sane person doesn’t sleep with someone who looks like his ex, it just looks desperate. Then there was the whole target practice issue.

Jeremy, however, did bail Chet out of jail for kidnapping his kid. Chet returns to set and tries to convince Quinn he is in love with her still. Quinn doesn’t seem to care all that much and continues with her plan for world domination.

UnReal season 2 coleman rachel

In a move to help Jeremy, Chet bonds with him over a bon-fire and insists they have to tell their inner most truth. Jeremy finally admits that he still loves Rachel but the best part of that moment was the amount of times Chet slapped him across the face.

It seems Coleman is big on defending Rachel this episode as he goes after Quinn and Jeremy. Unlike Jeremy, who chose to pee on Coleman’s car, Quinn is much more lethal. After being told what she does is boring Quinn takes on the overnight date and manipulates Jay into helping her. Unfortunately, for Jay what seems like him highlighting his best work is really just a power play on Quinn’s part.

In the end Quinn’s play is to get Rachel back and prove to Coleman just how wrong he is about her. Rachel has a heated moment where must choose between what’s right and what’s good TV. She, of course, goes for good TV.

Rachel and Quinn continue to antagonize each other which is just sad. The ladies need to realize that the two of them together are much more powerful against the men, who are trying to steal the show. In a move straight out of high school, Rachel takes the tickets for the award show away from Quinn because technically Coleman is the show runner. Quinn arrives at the awards party anyway, and just in time to show Rachel and Coleman up. The best part is; she brings the new owner of the studio, John Booth, back to the mansion because he is such a big fan.

UnReal 2x05 chet jeremy

Rachel has definitely jumped on team delusional. When confronting Quinn about bringing in Ruby’s father, Quinn insists that Coleman is only using Rachel for her ideas. Rachel insists that in three years she will have her own show and a man that loves her. Rachel, honey, you need love yourself before anyone else can love you. It’s hard to think that Rachel even understands the concept of love given her track record.

When it came to the girls, who had little to do in this episode, Darius made a shocking move by eliminating Ruby. They had spent the night together in a fantasy suite but were interrupted by Ruby’s father. In the end Darius felt like Ruby would expect too much of him and he couldn’t keep her. In a way he understands that Ruby is meant for bigger things than a reality TV show but at the same time Ruby is devastated by being let go. Not to mention she chose him over her father!

UnReal 2x05 Ruby Darius

In an interesting twist Coleman takes on Jeremy without Rachel’s knowledge. Coleman makes it clear that the heads of the studio think the show feels flat and that Jeremy is being demoted, which is really just Coleman trying to teach Jeremy a lesson. This move by Coleman sets up one of the most intense scenes of the episode. After the elimination ceremony Jeremy follows Rachel into the wardrobe trailer and attacks her. He’s drunk and angry and clearly has no control over himself. He hits Rachel but luckily Chet stops him and in an interesting move, fires him. This will surely not be the end of Jeremy.

What did you think of ‘UnReal’ 2×05, ‘Infiltrated’?

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